Apple Debuts New TV Software and Announces Price Cut

Apple is bridging the computer and TV with new software for Apple TV and also announced a drop in price for Apple TV users.

The software allows Apple TV users to rent movies at the iTunes store by merely clicking their remote controls. The new pricing has been set at $229.

"With the new Apple TV and iTunes Movie Rentals, movie lovers can rent DVD-quality or stunning HD movies from their couch with just a click of a button," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "No more driving to the video store or waiting for DVDs to arrive in the mail."

By the end of February, the movie rental catalog will contain more than 1,000 titles. Once a selection is made, depending upon Internet connection speed, the movie can be downloaded in seconds. The system allows renters up to 30 days to begin viewing content once it is downloaded. Once viewing has begun, they have 24 hours to complete the viewing, or to view it more than once.

The Apple TV package connects to most widescreen television sets in use and supports component video, analog and optical audio ports, as well as HDMI connectivity.