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Anton/Bauer Unveils JVC Power System

Anton/Bauer has developed a professional power system designed for the new JVC GY-HD100 ProHD camcorder. The new QR-JVC 7/14HDV is a specially designed Gold Mount that supplies the proper regulated operating voltage to the GY-HD100 while providing the ability to use standard 12 V video accessories, such as on-camera lighting--all powered from the same battery.

The mount also features a RealTime interface to the camera, which the JVC uses display the battery's runtime in the viewfinder. A single Anton/Bauer Dionic 90 will operate the camera for up to five hours. A HyTRON 120 can provide similar runtime with a light and accessories.

"Considering the GY-HD100's use of full size bayonet mount lenses, which places the center of gravity far in front of the operator, the combination of Anton/Bauer batteries and the ability to attach other accessories enhances the operating features and performance of the camera and can serve to counterbalance the lens weight," said Shin Minowa, Anton/Bauer vice president of market development.