Amino selects ANT Galio platform for IPTV STB

The ANT Galio Platform will allow the AmiNET530 set-top box to support a wider range of middleware.
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IPTV set-top box supplier Amino has selected ANT to provide the ANT Galio Platform for its AmiNET530 HD H.264 personal video recorder (PVR) STB.

The AmiNET530 is an IPTV PVR STB that enables consumers to record multiple TV streams simultaneously and allows time shifting, pause and play of live channels. The compact STB supports HDTV, PVR, Video on Demand (VoD) and push VoD content.

The ANT Galio Platform will extend the capabilities of the AmiNET530 by allowing it to support of a wider range of IPTV middleware products.

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