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AKG establishes Perception 820 Tube as flagship mic

Designed in Austria and manufactured in China, the AKG P820 Tube is AKG’s most affordable and versatile tube microphone to date. Headlining the company’s Perception Series, the mic offers nine pickup patterns and a 20dB attenuation pad.

The Perception 820 Tube microphone is specifically designed for precise recordings of lead vocals, lead instruments and all guitar/bass amps. It features two back-to-back 1in diaphragms and a switchable bass-cut filter that reduces unwanted rumble or footfall noise. It also has a ground lift switch that prevents unwanted humming noise. The brush-finished, anodized aluminum front plate and all-metal housing provide maximum shielding, and with a new remote control unit, users can change the pickup patterns from omnidirectional to cardioid to figure-8 from the control room without having to interrupt ongoing use of the mic.

ECC 83 dual-triode tube circuitry and the output transformer emphasize even-order harmonics for rich, smooth and 3D sound. The Perception 820 Tube comes complete with a robust metal carrying case, a spider-type shock mount and a microphone cable.