AKG debuts Perception Wireless at PLASA 2010

AKG introduced the Perception Wireless system at PLASA 2010 in London. The new RF system covers up to 30MHz bandwidth with low-current transmitters.

The Perception Wireless is designed for entry-level audio technicians and musicians and offers up to eight channels per band. The Perception series systems are headed by the Vocal Set, with handheld transmitter housing a dynamic cardioid capsule. The bodypack versions include the Instrumental Set, which comes with instrument cable; the Sports Set, with the new Perception C 544 head-worn microphone; and a Presenter Set, complete with CK 99 L lavaliere microphone. All sets include the stationary receiver SR 45, a single AA battery and a switched-mode power supply with EU/UK/US adapters.

The pocket transmitter PT 45 runs on a single AA battery and is compatible with all AKG MicroMics. The HT 45 handheld transmitter features gain adjustment and comes with a capsule from the Perception Live series. The SR 45 receiver included with all systems provides diversity reception and both XLR and phone jack outputs.