ADC launches UniPatch GigE patching system

At NAB2006, ADC launched several new products including UniPatch GigE and Super High-Density Coax patching systems and the ProAx Universal Series universal backshell for all USA format triax connectors.

UniPatch GigE is a professional grade normal-through Gigabit (Cat5E rated 1000 baseT) patching system designed for professional environments where frequent patching and higher density is required. The system features a high-density 32-port normalled through card frame system to patented ADC-Krone Direct-Edge LSA plus termination system.

The Super High-Density Coax, SHDC, is a high-density patching system designed for AES audio, 5.1 and 7.1 audio applications where the coax medium is preferred but space is critical. The 1.5 rack space panel features 4X48 coax ports (96 circuits) with a unique switchable termination feature that allows the user to select or deselect a 75ohm termination function on each circuit pair.

The new ProAx Universal series is a universal backshell for all USA format triax connectors. It is more than 1in shorter and easier to terminate than the standard backshell and is compatible with the Global weather protection boots.

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