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Acrodyne Air Series offers on-channel means to fill in ATSC coverage gaps

Acrodyne has introduced the Air Series of ATSC UHF on-channel repeaters, which provide broadcasters with a means to fill in areas of their Authorized Digital Service Area that are not sufficiently covered by their main transmitter.

Air Series on-channel repeaters are available in standard power outputs up to 100 Watts. Digital nonlinear correction for output amplifiers is provided. Digital linear correction enhances signal quality by compensating for output filter and input signal linear distortions.

Overall delay of the signal from input to output is less than 6μS, well within the echo correction capability of the equalizers found in typical ATSC receiving devices. In addition, the repeaters are capable of internal echo cancellation that will allow for a clean output signal even in cases of less than optimum signal isolation between the input and output antennas.