AAdynTech LEDs Punch Out HMIs in Maui

MAUI, HAWAII—I run a rental house and full-service production company in Maui. A couple of years ago, we began using AAdynTech’s Jabs and Punch LEDs and I haven’t used a small HMI since.

AAdynTech’s LED lights on the set in Maui.HITTING THE LINKS
Two years ago, I talked the Golf Channel into trying Jabs and Punches at the PGA Tournament of Champions in Maui. Since they had not used them before, they were skeptical, so we brought a truckload of HMIs along just in case and built the entire set with Jabs and Punches. The on-air talent loved them so much they asked everyone to get out of the broadcast trucks and come see the set because that is how they wanted to do it from now on.

Sitting poolside in Maui in a suit and tie is no easy task, so to be under lights that don’t give off heat while matching the hot Maui background was a huge step forward for everyone. The tech managers also built mobile Jab units on golf carts for their roving stand-up teams. It seems that the Golf Channel has Jabs on all of their shoots now.

Using Jabs and Punches on our live and taped shows—both interiors and exteriors— has given us quicker control of the set lighting. As weather conditions, sets and talent change, we just need to make subtle grip and focus adjustments and control the levels from a lighting board sitting next to the DP. Nobody is waiting for the lighting department during change-overs.

Exteriors, special effects and green-screens for features and music videos are simple and easily controllable with AAdynTech’s lights. We also use them for interviews, architectural shoots, stage wash and audience lights; anywhere light is needed.

The low-power requirements are a major benefit for us. Most clients come to Hawaii to shoot jungles, waterfalls, beaches and other locations; I can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to haul around a tow plant any more. We can run relatively large setups off a couple put-up generators. You can run the equivalent of four 2.5Ks and six 800 HMIs off a 3K generator. And you don’t need to build expensive fireproof rain hats for those rainy days. Just drape a garbage bag, sheet of visqueen, or piece of coreplast over the lamp. No need for gloves either.

Paul Ehman is the owner of Ehman Productions. He can be reached atehman@maui.net.

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