2016 Product Preview: Camera Support

Reliable robotic camera solutions for newscast production used to be expensive propositions that took years to deliver a return on investment. There is now a vast array of robotic systems tailored for a range of budgets.

Ross Video
will demonstrate SolidTrack, a Universal Tracking system that can be used anywhere, anytime and on anything. This includes environments such as small or large studios, indoors or outdoors. It is quick to set up and calibrate to save time, and is designed to work on any place a camera is mounted.

Telemetrics will demonstrate its Advanced Presenter Tracking System (APTS), a scalable, configurable tracking method using magnetic field position sensing. This technology allows simultaneous multicamera, multipresenter tracking within almost any scenario, independent of stage illumination. It does not require a presenter line-of-sight allowing flexible non-obtrusive camera and sensor location.

will debut its PTX Universal PanTilt Head, the successor to the company’s PT-MINI. It provides significant improvements in payload handling and speed, and supports the Blackmagic Micro Studio 4K camera as well as LANC-equipped cameras from Sony, Canon, Panasonic and JVC. DMX daisy-chain control protocol is also supported.

Shotoku SmartPedShotoku Broadcast Systems will introduce its SmartPed, a robotic XY pedestal offering cost-efficiency and high-end performance to professionals in live news, sports or current affairs studio productions. Also in the Shotoku booth will be the Free-d2 VR/AR tracking system, designed for VR/ AR, news, sports and current affair applications. It uses advanced video processing algorithms and simple ceiling markers to precisely determine pedestal position.

will debut its FOCUS line of fluid heads, including the FOCUS 12, designed for cameras weighing from zero to 26 pounds; the FOCUS 18, for cameras weighing from 13.2–40 pounds; and the FOCUS 22, for cameras weighing from 6.5–48.5 pounds. FOCUS heads are compact and lightweight, and feature a continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements.

Libec will feature new RS-250D/DM and RS- 450D/DM Professional Tripod Systems with RH25D and RH45D dual-base design fluid heads with maximum payload capacities of 13 pounds and 26.5 pounds, respectively. Thanks to a new dual-base design, heads are compatible with Libec ALLEX sliders and other sliders with a 3/8-inch screw—great for video and DSLR applications. Heads are compatible with other brand photo flat-base tripods and 75mm bowl video tripods.

Polecam AutopodMiller Camera Support will feature its Compass 23 Fluid Head, an affordable entry into the 100mm ball leveling range. It is designed for medium-size, large sensor cameras and handles a range of payloads from 8.8–30.8 pounds. Also in the Miller booth will be its Cineline 2090, which features an HD Mitchell Base 1-Stage Alloy Tripod, HD Alloy Ground Spreader and Cineline 70 Fluid Head.

Polecam will introduce Autopod, a remotely operated programmable elevation unit for rigs, remote heads and cameras.

Sachtler Video 18 fluid head

Autocue iPad Prompter ProSachtler has upgraded its longtime favorite Video 18 fluid head, now with more load-bearing capacity. It maintains the Video 18’s damping mechanism, Speedbalance technology for swift weight compensation, and large load range. The head comes with Sachtler features such as temperature resistance, Touch & Go plate and illuminated spirit level.

will introduce the iPad Pro teleprompter, aimed at broadcast professionals wanting to prompt on-location. At 13 inches and increased brightness, the iPad Pro steps up the readability of the prompter to 15 feet and beyond. It offers support for full-sized ENG broadcast and cine cameras, touted as the most flexible and capable iPad Pro solution available.

CueScript Ltd. will introduce its CSM Prompters, utilizing LED high-brightness screens with input for HD-SDI video. They incorporate the CueLock feature for swift, secure setup and integrated mounting for a talent monitor and/or time display. Also on display from CueScript will be its EMC prompters, designed for educational, middle market and corporate use. They also have CueLock for ease of setup and excellent scroll image.

Ikan PT-Elite v2

Mirror Image SF Studio SeriesIkan will present v2 of its PT-Elite, the newest upgrade to the company’s bestselling iPad teleprompter. It features an adjustable glass frame, quick release base plate and an overall lighter design for portability. Also shown will be the PT-ELITE-PRO, designed for larger tablets. This universal tablet teleprompter is designed to be even faster and easier.

Mirror Image will lift the curtain on upgrades to its SF Studio Series teleprompters, including doubling the screen brightness to 1,000 nits and adding SDI and HDMI input connections along with the standard VGA and composite (BNC) inputs. Also upgraded are the iPad and tablet teleprompters, with a larger tray for the tablet as well as removable sun shields.

will demonstrate its Pro Camera Accessories, designed to offer support for the latest digital cameras from Canon, Red, Blackmagic, Digital Bolex and Sony. These accessories render the cameras suitable for the rigors of professional filmmaking by making them compatible with ARRI support and all industry-standard matte boxes and follow focus systems.

Matthews Studio Equipment Infinity ArmMatthews Studio Equipment (MSE) will unveil its Infinity Arm, capable of mounting a payload as small as a GoPro and as large as an accessorized motion picture camera. It’s manufactured in the U.S. out of CNC’d tool steel and aircraft aluminum, and plated with military-grade anodize and electroless nickel phosphorus. The central pivot arm ensures strength and adjustability. The tips of the arm accept a variety of clamps (1/4-, 3/8-, and 5/8-inch, with more to come.)

Wooden Camera’s Alexa Mini Quick CageWooden Camera will unveil its Alexa Mini Quick Cage, a form-fitting cage plus 15mm lightweight baseplate for the ARRI Alexa Mini. It attaches by four M4 screws on top and four M4 screws on the bottom, making it extremely secure. The same M4 hole pattern found on the camera body is present on the cage top plate, allowing for attachment of ARRI brand handles and accessories.

Autel Robotics
will demonstrate its Maverick handheld gimbal technology.

Ikan will debut the FLY-X3-GO (three-Axis GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer), designed to stabilize a GoPro camera in situations such as mounting on a monopod, boom pole or roll bar mount. It comes with an included extension cable that controls the yaw, pitch and roll, and is pre-programmed to use straight out of the box.

CONNEX Mini is a small zero-latency HD wireless video link that provides plug-and-fly HD video transmission at distances up to 1,600 feet. Its 5 GHz transmitter has automatic channel selection for connectivity that is free from interference from unmanned aerial vehicle controls and 2.4 GHz radio links. A multicasting feature supports four screens simultaneously.

Aerialtronics will showcase its Altura Zenith, which can carry a Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Super 16 sensor camera mounted aboard. The aircraft can carry a payload of up to 6 pounds and provides a flight time of up to 45 minutes. Users can program GPS-assisted flights into memory, or the aircraft can be controlled via a tablet along with an RF joystick.

Autel Robotics X-Star

DJI OsmoAutel Robotics will showcase its X-Star series of quad-copter drones. Its top two models, X-Star Premium and X-Star, come integrated with a 4K camera (4K30, 2.7K60, 1080p120, 720p240) and quick-release three-axis gimbal stabilizer. Also featured is the Kestrel, the first-ever fixed-wing, vertical takeoff and landing UAV.

DJI will showcase its Osmo, an integrated 4K camera and handheld three-axis stabilizer that connects to Apple’s iPhone for even greater control and capabilities. The device comes with a standard 4K, 12-megapixel camera with a 1/2.3-inch sensor and a 94-degree field-of-view lens.