Wohler to spotlight enhanced RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform

Wohler will show an enhanced version of its RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transform Platform at IBC2013. The RadiantGrid platform provides a consolidated, seamless software architecture that combines intensive media processing capabilities — such as transcoding, standards conversion, audio processing, caption processing and quality control — with highly intelligent content management fabric and workflow orchestration layers. Based on an extensible service-oriented architecture, the platform integrates smoothly with editorial, archive, traffic, business process and rights management systems.

New to IBC this year is the first version 8 series of the RadiantGrid platform. The release contains a new media processing engine designed to provide faster-than-real-time content transformation at speeds that are unparalleled. This newly accelerated meida processing engine performs complete intelligent analysis of all inbound media, with the platform's content management fabric retaining technical metadata at the container, essence and frame levels. Because this analysis is automated, users never have to tell the platform what type of content is being provided.

With this new frame-level metadata-retention capability, the platform brings optimized video pipeline features such as anamorphic video handling, 2K/4K support and higher bit depths of up to 16-bit YUV. Also new to the platform is full color legalization in both the PAL and NTSC domains. At the audio level, the new media processing engine is designed to parallelize complex audio loudness correction alongside the video at speeds never before seen.

Additional products on show include the DVM family of video monitors, the AMP1-MADIe audio monitor, the AMP1-16M dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI audio monitor and the AMP2-E16V series modular audio/video processing monitor.

For more information, visit Wohler at IBC Stand 10.B10.