RUSHWORKS shows playout, production systems at NAB

RUSHWORKS showed several of its systems including:

A-LIST: Four-channel HD configuration supports from one to four channels in a chassis, in any combination of SD and HD. All support “live” input, and multiple levels of graphics for bugs, crawls, snipes and EAS overlay. It’s compatible with most commercial traffic and billing systems. A-LIST is a hybrid video server and bulletin board system with MultiZone display, so it’s suited for both traditional broadcasters and PEG channel operations.

REMO: Designed for "shoot and scoot," REMO supports up to eight SD/HD-SDI inputs, switching, DSK, chroma key, playlist creation, program recording, ISO camera recording, and streaming. Designed for single-operator remote production of multicamera shows, this production system features a 21.5in touch screen.

VDESK: A fixed-installation of the REMO production system, it supports up to 12 SD/HD-SDI inputs. With the PRODUCER interface, create a virtual 3D rendering of the production venue (the STAGE). Define the CAST members, drag their picture icons to their proper POSITIONS, then set the PTZ PRESETS for each. TOUCH the icon of the subject you want to TAKE to the PGM out. Like REMO, you can record the PGM mix, ISO-record camera inputs, and stream the PGM output. Supports PTZ cameras from Sony, Panasonic and Vaddio.

LOCKED ON: Tracking system follows up to 16 people and objects using robotic cameras. Enables ISO recording of up to eight individual cameras with synchronized time code for post production in NLEs. Available on its own or integrated with VDESK and REMO.