Aframe releases version 2.0 of its cloud-based MAM

At NAB 2013, Aframe showcased its major new release of Aframe 2.0 that provides a smarter way for video professionals to manage media assets and streamline production. With its major new Edit Flow feature, along with integration with Panasonic’s AVC codec, an API Library and a redesigned user interface, Aframe 2.0 version delivers capabilities of higher-end on-premises media asset management systems and a competitive edge to its users.

Aframe is a cloud video production and asset management platform with capabilities in collaboration, review and approval and archive, and tagging used by thousands of video and film professionals around the world. With Edit Flow, Aframe users upload their raw video footage from wherever they are in the world onto Aframe’s private cloud, securely store it there, and share it with anyone, anywhere as they collaborate on TV, film, corporate video or advertising spots. The time code-specific metadata that Aframe users generate when commenting, logging, subclipping and collecting clips in Aframe can be transferred directly from the cloud into the three major NLE platforms: Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Once there, the metadata relinks with the original media, retaining all user changes automatically.

Aframe 2.0 also can serve as a cloud-based MAM architecture to centralize a library of production and broadcast-ready video assets and supporting documentation. Its time code extraction, metadata handling and export capabilities are features typically found in traditional on-premises media asset management systems for many multiples the price.

By removing the storing, sharing and delivery frustrations of video production, Aframe makes people more productive from the first production meeting all the way through to the final edit.

If desired Aframe can provide tagging services that indexes video to make it discoverable and expedite finding the perfect clip.

Aframe’s Edit Flow was developed in part by Aframe software engineer Jeff Bedell, a technical Emmy award winner who as Avid Technology’s first employee wrote the initial code for the first Avid Media Composer.

“With Edit Flow, Aframe completes the postproduction collaborative circle, and becomes a great tool in enabling the direction of a story resulting in more streamlined and efficient productions,” said Michael Phillips, CTO of Cineworks Digital Studios, Inc. and co-inventor of the Avid Film Composer who beta-tested the new Edit Flow features.