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Net Insight unveils Nimbra video appliance at NAB

Net Insight, a provider of scalable transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, recently announced that it would unveil its new Nimbra VA 210 video appliance at NAB. The new video appliance would offer media operators and broadcasters an opportunity to extend their network reach in an efficient way by using unmanaged IP networks to transport content with an acceptable level of quality.

The video appliance significantly reduces cost for first-mile connectivity, allowing broadcasters to shift resources from transmission to content creation to improve their service offerings and attract new target audiences.

The video appliance incorporates content-aware Forward Error Correction (FEC), which reduces effective packet loss and selective retransmission of unrecoverable data loss. Coupled with clock synchronization, the video appliance can provide the reliable QoS layer that media operators desire to confidently ingest content over unmanaged IP networks. It also offers a fast time-to-market through the use of IP connections with short lease and provisioning times.