Eyeheight to introduce LE-2M-K legalizer

At the 2013 NAB Show, Eyeheight will introduce its LE-2M-K logging and monitoring video/audio legalizer to the U.S. market.

Unlike traditional video legalizers or automated loudness control devices, the LE-2M-K keeps a timed log of every non-compliant video or audio event requiring correction in the course of a 24-hour transmission schedule. This enables broadcasters to archive a record of as-run conformance data in countries where legislation makes this compulsory. Each action is logged complete with its linear timecode identifier. Video legalization and loudness correction timelines can also be monitored on-screen.

Video legalization can be performed to conform with SMPTE or EBU standard settings and 7.5 IRE or 0 IRE Pedestal. Six user memories and common presets are incorporated.

Additional features include Eyeheight's clobberRing automatic luma overshoot and undershoot suppression together with luma and chroma gain, black level adjustment, hue rotation, adjustable clipping levels and soft-clipping-knee levels. An out-of-gamut indication feed displays overshoot or undershoot severity and shows the user where on the picture any signal correction is being performed.

In the audio domain, the LE-2M-K provides automatic real-time control of perceptual loudness and true peak level using ITU-R BS.1770 multichannel loudness and true-peak estimation algorithms. These are coupled with proprietary correction algorithms to ensure compliance with loudness and peak-program level requirements.

For more information, visit Eyeheight at NAB booth C6516.