CCW offers interactive disscussions

This year the CCW 2012 Show is offering a number of sponsored forums, which gives manufacturers and customers a better venue to address specific technology issues. CCW also offers a world-class conference program, free of charge to qualified professionals! The 2012 program will feature over 160 speakers addressing the latest trends in content creation, management, distribution and delivery. Details...

All attendees are also welcome to attend the Tech Talk Theater at CCW. These interactive discussions will be led by industry experts and will address a multitude of important communications technologies. Seating is limited, but is open to all registered attendees.

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Wednesday, November 14:

HD World:

1:00 – 1:45PM:

“Adobe: From Plan to Playback with Adobe CS6 Production Premium”

Modern media workflows are connected. Production teams need applications that work together to empower smooth workflows from start to finish. Join Adobe expert Dennis Radeke to see how the many industry-leading tools in Adobe Production Premium, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Photoshop, integrate to give you the best workflow from plan to playback.

Speaker: Dennis Radeke, Sr. Solutions Consultant Pro Video, Adobe

Location: Room 3

Discover a Changing Inmarsat

Inmarsat invites you to a working lunchtime seminar to explore the new possibilities offered by Inmarsat’s expanding portfolio for Broadcasters, including higher bandwidth solutions and cost efficiencies:

  • BGAN HDR - doubling existing streaming throughput
  • BGAN Link™ - a robust L band fixed satellite solution for media bureaus
  • BGAN streaming - solutions for cost efficient remote coverage
  • Global Xpress™ - Ka band meets L band
  • BGAN M2M™ - remote equipment monitoring

Speaker: Martin Turner, Director of Media Business, Inmarsat

Please RSVP for this session by emailing:

Location: Room 6

2:30- 3:30PM:

“Canon: The NEXT chapter in Cinema EOS”

Canon invites you to join Shane Hurlbut ASC as he explains how the HDSLR revolutionized movie making for him. With the immersive quality of the compact platform combined with its large image quality, it has allowed him to capture the intense action of his film, “Act of Valor.”

You’ll also see clips of "Act Of Valor" and his 4K short "The Ticket", shot on the 1D-C

Speaker: Shane Hurlbut ASC, Cinematographer, Canon

Location: Room 6


2:30 – 3:30 PM:

“Optimizing Satellite Mobility Solutions in New Frequency Bands”

Over the next few years, the MSS industry is facing a transformation from traditional from traditional L-band services offering modest amounts of bandwidth on a cost-per-bit basis to a new era of higher speed L-band, as well as Ku-band and Ka-band services enabling higher speeds. Inmarsat has led the way with its Global Xpress system, which will offer global mobility services in Ka-band, and Viasat, Eutelsat and YahSat are offering even more bandwidth in regional markets. However, FSS players, led by Intelsat, are fighting back with enhanced Ku-band maritime and aeronautical coverage, which may present a much lower risk alternative for some customers and service providers. This session will debate how both customers and providers view new L-band offerings and the transition to Ku and Ka-band, and which players are best placed to win in the mobility services market over the next decade.


2:30 PM - 3:30 PM 

Smoke on a Mac

Presented by Manhattan Edit Workshop
Autodesk Smoke on a Mac has fast gained popularity as a one-stop editing and finishing super-solution. With a bold new release coming soon, we'll dig deep into Smoke's amazing feature set to see if it's the right system for the needs of tomorrow's powerhouse post-facilities.

3:15 – 4:15PM

Digital Cinema Basics

Presented by Manhattan Edit Workshop
This in-depth workshop will cover pre-production and planning for HD-DSLR filmmaking, shooting tips and tricks, and post-production utilizing the latest tools on the market. Learn about new cameras, shooting accessories, and software to aid in your workflow as you master both basic and advanced techniques of digital cinema production.

Thursday, November 15:

HD World:

2:30 – 3:30 PM

“Broadcasting the Surround Sound Experience – Capture, Monitor, Deliver - Keeping it simple”

TSL Professional Products presents a revolution in ‘single point’ 5.1 capture technology, surround sound processing and audio signal monitoring, enabling broadcasters to capture the thrill of live events with, arguably, the world’s most authentic sounding stereo to 5.1 upmix solutions and ground-breaking audio monitoring technology.

As the manufacturer of the market leading Soundfield ambient surround microphone systems used by broadcasters worldwide, TSL presents a range of system components designed to simplify surround sound production workflows and put the operator back in control, from capture to delivery.

Speaker: Martin Dyster, Head of Audio, TSL Professional Products Ltd.

Location:Tech Talk Theater in the Exhibit Hall

1:00 – 1:30PM

“Next Generation: IP Live Production”

As AV and IT continue to converge, individuals are tasked with finding the most efficient way to produce live content. It is a balance between cost and quality. Sony proudly offers a new solution, the NXL-IP55, which allows individuals to produce a live event over a single Ethernet cable. Combining audio, video (up to 4 streams), tally and intercom, and delivering incredibly high picture quality at under a one-frame delay, all while remaining in perfect gen lock. Learn how the NXL-IP55 can modify the way you produce live content.

Speaker:Hugo Gaggioni, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Sony Electronics, Inc.

Location:Tech Talk Theater in the Exhibit Hall

2:00 – 3:00PM

“The Next Generation in Distribution Services”

An exhibit hall tour of Ka-band high throughput satellite operators and service providers and what it means for broadcasters and content owners.

Each tour is approximately 45 minutes in length, and will depart from the Tour Stop at the front of the Exhibit Hall. Tours will be available on a first come, first-served basis - simply go to the Tour Stop Station at the front of the exhibit hall 10 minutes before the tour begins!

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

“4K Acquisition: the Possibilities & Challenges”

Just as HD is being established worldwide, many entities are pushing 4K resolution. Digital filmmaking is transforming with the launch of 4K cameras. However, 4K brings it’s own challenges, techniques and workflows.

Explore the current choices for 4K acquisition systems, including 4K lenses, 4K cameras, 4K recording and find out what's going on with 4K display technology for production and post-production.


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

“COMSATCOM Information Assurance/Cyber Protection”

While attempting to define new approaches to acquire commercial SATCOM products and continued reliance on COMSATCOM in military markets, there is a growing need for increasing cyber and information security protection. This market has relied on a diverse set of suppliers with local, risk-based security protection that are measured against NIST standards. The diversity of COMSAT protection poses a challenging protection standard for government network enterprises. Thus, the ability for network enterprises to accept this uncertainty may significantly diminish over time, which could affect the potential to close COMSAT acquisitions. As a specific case, the hosted payload offers an example of a particular IA/cyber challenge for the future.

Traditional IT acquisitions impose rigorous design and reporting structures to assure their approved protection. Compared to traditional acquisition structures, lengthy design/approval procedures are incompatible with most commercial business timelines. This panel will look at the implications of cyber threats, the prospects for standardized authentication, self-monitoring and system protection features to respond to intrusion.