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DK-Technologies to unveil DK3 meter to European broadcasters

At IBC2012, DK-Technologies will highlight the new ability of its DK3 compact audio loudness meterto de-embed 16 channels of audio from an SDI input.

DK-Technologies also has made its StarFish surround sound display available to all DK meter users, as well as those investing in the new DK3.

The DK3 shares with the other meters in the company’s range of meters compliance with all known loudness recommendations. It has presets built in to allow for EBU R128, BCAP, ATSC A/85, ARIB, ABC, AGCOM 219 and ITU 1770-2. Alongside Starfish, new software features include moving coil emulation of PPM and VU mechanical meters with user selectable scales and a goniometer display for stereo audio.

See DK-Technologiesat IBC Stand 8.E60.