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Small Tree Shared Storage in "Sync" with New York City Production Services Company

Founded more than 50 years ago as one of New York City's first commercial film editing houses, Syncro Services currently provides leading content distribution, asset management and broadcast services to its diverse client base. To maximize its productivity, the company recently installed a 16TB GraniteSTOR ST-RAID II shared storage solution featuring 10 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities from Small Tree.

Featuring a digital media department consisting of five Final Cut Mac Pro workstations focusing on digitizing, encoding, transcoding and distribution, Syncro Services installed the ST-RAID II to ensure its editing team would have the bandwidth it requires to meet its growing business opportunities and increasing client demands.

"Small Tree was highly recommended to us by people we work with at WNET-TV who are familiar with the technology," said Rob Krizek, Syncro Services' senior vice president. "Once we ran the numbers on the cost benefit of how much productivity we were losing with our previous workflow setup and how much productivity we would gain with the ST-RAID II it was a no-brainer."

According to Krizek, Syncro Services used Small Tree's technology to inexpensively create an ultra-reliable network for the video data that the Final Cut workstations use to achieve results that have not only met, but have exceeded their expectations.

"The biggest surprise about the ST-RAID II was that there were no surprises," said Richard Young, IT infrastructure manager at Syncro Services. "It worked right out of the box and the folks at Small Tree were fantastic in helping us tweak the system to get even greater performance results out of the system."

For more information about Small Tree and its growing line of shared storage and networking products, visit or follow Small Tree on Twitter @SmallTreeComm.