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London’s Olympic Delivery Authority distributes footage via Aframe cloud

London 2012’s Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is distributing promotional videos to accredited broadcasters around the globe with cloud video production platform Aframe.

In early 2012, the ODA retained TV production firm SMS Media in London to produce a package of promotional video clips. SMS Media used full service post-production house Azimuth to produce the content, which featured HD and SD footage of the Olympic Park.

Instead of DVD distribution to circulate ODA’s clips, Azimuth used Aframe's online service to send ODA’s content to Olympic accredited broadcasters across the globe. Azimuth also used Aframe to add summary metatags to the footage so that the broadcasters could quickly find and select specific clips by searching them by name.

“Being able to work with worldwide broadcasters on a project like this would have been impossible for the ODA without a cloud-based system like Aframe,” said Neil Hatton, Azimuth managing director. “We knew from previous experience there would be a surge in a demand as soon as it was announced to broadcasters. Aframe provided the necessary bandwidth to deliver footage quickly to the end user.”

Operational in London since 2010, Aframe recently expanded its private cloud network to the United States. Aframe’s secure, fast cloud allows professional video creators to share, search and collaborate without on-site equipment or full-time staff — anywhere, anytime — requiring only an Internet connection. Aframe also provides “metatagging” services that allow a video to be searched via keywords, which greatly expedites finding just the right clip.