Pilat Media and OmniBus Systems Announce BXF Support for Streamlined Workflow and Unprecedented Last-minute Flexibility

Just-in-Time Media Management Interface Automates Synchronization Between Systems

NEW YORK — April 12, 2010 — Pilat Media, the leading global supplier of business management software solutions to the media industry, has announced that its IBMS (Integrated Broadcast Management System) now includes BXF (Broadcast eXchange Format) support for OmniBus Systems iTX and Colossus automation systems, enabling seamless communication between planning, traffic, and master control automation operations. The IBMS Just-In-Time Interface leverages BXF, a data-exchange and messaging protocol providing a standardized environment for communication, and facilitates streamlined integration between program management, automation, traffic, and content distribution systems.

Through the Just-In-Time Interface, IBMS acts as the central hub for orchestrating all programming and advertising changes, collecting as-runs, managing media, and re-routing live feeds. By enabling highly integrated communication, the interface handles the automatic update of information in connected databases, avoiding the errors arising from re-keying data.

"The Just-In-Time Interface ensures the synchronization of schedules, playout, and plant routing between IBMS and OmniBus automation systems, to enable changes right up to airtime in file based operations," said Bob Lamb, chief technology officer, Pilat Media. "Broadcasters can now take advantage of an entirely new level of flexibility in reacting to changes in content scheduling, and this allows them to create new opportunities in advertising booking while delivering faster make-goods."

IBMS's Just-In-Time Media Management Interface is live with OmniBus automation systems at the new CBS Media Distribution Center (MDC) in New York, as part of the broadcaster's migration to a fully tapeless environment. The integrated IBMS-OmniBus system processes acquisitions, logging the details of material received into the system, and manages ingest of that material to servers, together with transfers to and from the MDC tape libraries.

"Integration of IBMS with OmniBus master control and automation systems makes for greatly improved exchange of data upstream of playout,”" said John Wadle, vice president of technology, OmniBus Systems. "Changes entered into the IBMS system are automatically updated in iTX or Colossus, keeping the master control and automation in sync at all times. This is the kind of advanced integration that gives broadcasters the significant operational benefits they expect from new-generation technologies."

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About OmniBus Systems

OmniBus Systems provides broadcasting, cable and satellite organizations with comprehensive automation and media content management solutions that address every area of television related operations. Its newsroom, content and workflow automation solutions include acquisition and recording of rich media material, low-resolution editing, media asset management and playout. OmniBus is a global company with headquarters in the United Kingdom and the United States and support offices in Malaysia and Singapore. More information is available at www.omnibus.tv.

About Pilat Media

Pilat Media Global plc [AIM: PGB] develops, markets, and supports business management software solutions for content and service providers in the media industry. Designed with the direct involvement of top-tier broadcasters, Pilat Media's systems improve business performance, accelerate time to market and enable diversification and growth of content programming, advertising sales, traffic, and media operations for multi-platform linear and on-demand services. More than 50 blue-chip media companies around the world use Pilat Media solutions, including FOX, AT&T, CTV, Virgin Media, Discovery, SABC, Chellomedia, the BBC, Media General, Sky Italia, ESPN Star Sports, Network Ten, TVNZ, Southern Cross, and Foxtel. These and other deployments represent the management of billions of dollars in advertising revenue and programming that reaches hundreds of millions of viewers. More information is available at www.pilatmedia.com.