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Platformic Unveils Embedded Content Tool for Media Companies and Enterprises to Quickly and Easily Add Relevant Digital Content Alongside Text Online

San Diego, CA, March 26, 2009 – Platformic, an end-to-end online web development environment and content management platform that allows businesses to quickly and easily build/update websites in real-time without sacrificing creativity or writing code, today unveiled its Embedded Content Tool. The new addition to the platform enables users (many with little or no web or technical experience) to easily add digital assets from their media libraries and embed them within articles or text on their websites. Content, such as video, photos and audio, or any of Platformic’s dozens of tools, including ads, blogs, slide shows, polls, archive tools, RSS feeds and others, can be easily integrated within the body of an article to enhance visitor experience and increase ‘on site time’ in only a few minutes.

“The Embedded Content Tool offers huge potential for broadcast radio and TV, newspapers and corporations to easily build timely resources of information for visitors and capitalize on interest and traffic. Historically, building pages such as those enabled by the Embedded Content Tool would require programmatic effort, serious modifications and often integration with third-party providers to add digital assets such as audio, video and photos and photo galleries.

Platformic’s Embedded Content Tool leverages content in the media library, organizes the information and displays it on the page and handles the formatting. The result is an appealing presentation, more relevant content, more page views and a better end-user experience,” said Claudio Canive, CEO of Platformic.

The Embedded Content Tool makes it easy to add or change video, audio, PDFs, PowerPoint, and other files. The system’s new interface-driven CSS style sheet builder gives users flexible display options to customize the appearance of embedded media. Multiple stacks of embedded media can be positioned on either the right or the left side, for instance, and each block can be formatted using the same style sheet or a different one. Blocks can also be reordered or edited within a new tab on the text editor.

Platformic’s patented technology, used by leading broadcast companies such as Tribune, Comcast SportsNet, Bicoastal Media, Broadcast Company of the Americas and Peak Broadcasting, enables users to easily build and manage media-rich websites that incorporate social media tools and user-generated content (UGC). Users can “visually” create layouts and manage content from a browser in a fraction of the time while maintaining look, feel and design integrity. The result is a completely customized website with a content management system with the ability to change the layout and content quickly and easily. Users can update sites or change their entire look in minutes with no downtime. Staff members with little or no web experience can then simply update the sites more often to keep content fresh and make the site “stickier” for visitors.

"The Embedded Content Tool will be a great addition to the Platformic arsenal which includes blogs, polls, contests, RSS feeds, locally generated news feeds, galleries, streaming media, podcasts, and most importantly, the ad server, which we currently utilize on all of our radio station sites at Bicoastal Media. With web technology and design moving at the rate it does now, you need to stay on top of important developments when they come, especially when it's plain to see that many media outlets must focus on their web presence to stay viable in the new marketplace. Platformic has been very responsive to our evolving needs. We always look forward to the new updates and features that Platformic rolls out, because they are always positive evolutions and they always enhance our web department's capabilities," said Carl Sundberg, web director, Bicoastal Media

About Platformic

Platformic is a complete end-to-end online web development environment (OWDE) and content management platform that allows businesses to quickly and easily build/update websites in real-time without sacrificing professional or creative standards or writing a single line of code. Used by leading companies such as Peak Broadcasting, Comcast SportsNet, and others, Platformic enables even users that are not technical in nature to visually create feature-rich websites from their browser that incorporate podcasts, video blogs, user-generated content, and other interactive tools and further the organization’s online goals. Platformic makes updating content and its various formatting easy to manage, throughout the website, from a central place. Its versatility allows departments throughout an organization to expand online offerings and to do more with less. For more information, visit

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