Burbank, CA… Mojave Audio, a company founded by David Royer (known for his work with ribbon microphones) is pleased to announce that the company’s newly designed website is up and running at Designed as an ever-expanding resource for information about Mojave Audio’s highly regarded microphone line, the new site makes it easier than ever to find step-by-step application notes and tutorials in addition to each product’s features and specifications. Featuring a clean, unencumbered layout, the new website is easy to navigate and it provides a wealth of audiovisual materials—enabling existing and prospective customers alike to get the most out of their microphone investment.

Perhaps most apparent when visiting the new Mojave Audio website is the introduction of a new company logo and the use of softer color shades that make extended viewing easier on the eyes. The new logo incorporates a sweeping arch that encompasses the Mojave Audio name. Together, the revised logo and new color scheme presents a more contemporary, inviting place to learn about the company.

Accessing information of all types is dramatically easier with the new website. With an easy-to-use set of navigation tools across the top of the homepage, visitors will find drop-down destination tabs from within the main sections of the site. Particularly noteworthy is the increased presence of video content. This section provides an ever-expanding library of video content to help site visitors learn about microphone positioning and other tips for getting the best results with Mojave Audio’s various microphones. Product demonstrations will assume an increasing presence in the new section.

The Sessions area of the new website features a wealth of audio samples that show the Mojave Audio microphone line at its best on a wide range of recorded music. This section also provides a fascinating look at the various artists whose work is showcased in this section.

For those wanting to learn what Mojave Audio microphones are being used by various engineers, site visitors will find the new Testimonials section particularly interesting. Visitors are able to not only discover who used a particular microphone, but more importantly, learn about the successes the microphones helped each engineer achieve.

On Safari with Dave is another new section well worth visiting. Here, legendary microphone designer/engineer David Royer presents a variety of field recordings. In addition to on-location images and audio samples, visitors can discover which Mojave Audio microphones were used to capture the recording as well as the techniques employed.

The new Mojave Audio website also provides sections for company news, including press releases and product reviews. The new Community section offers visitors the opportunity to register with Mojave Audio for promotions, listening events, and other activities. Additionally, visitors will find a wealth of recording tips here.

In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, Mojave Audio now handles all product warranty registration online. In doing so, the new site makes it easy for customers to immediately notify Mojave Audio of new product registrations and changes in address—enabling Mojave Audio to respond faster to requests for assistance. Equally significant, by handling everything electronically, Mojave Audio no longer contributes to our planet’s deforestation.

Dusty Wakeman, Mojave Audio’s president, commented on the company’s new website. “The new Mojave Audio website presents our company in a new light,” says Wakeman. “Visitors will find it considerably easier to locate the information they’re looking for, and the ever-expanding library of video and audio materials is a terrific tool for learning how to get the most out of one’s microphone investment. As an audio company, I believe it’s critically important for prospective customers to have the opportunity to hear how others use their equipment and learn tips and tricks for obtaining the best results. I’m confident the new site offers something for everyone.”

About Mojave Audio

Located in Burbank, California, Mojave Audio is a manufacturer of quality microphones for the recording professional. Additional information on all Mojave Audio products can be found online at