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SEATTLE —RadiantGrid Technologies, developer of leading-edge transcoding, transformation and new media automation service platforms, announces that through its partnership with Softel, leaders in end-to-end caption & subtitle solutions, it is now adding subtitle processing to the company’s transcoding platform. The addition of Softel is in response to requests from RadiantGrid’s international users to increase support for subtitling.

Through the RadiantGrid™ Platform, users will now be able to handle subtitle and closed-caption processes with Softel’s Swift vTX technology, which provides highly efficient encoding/transcoding, enabling subtitle and caption processing across a variety of output and file formats, including Open, Line 21, DVB, streaming VOD and web formats.

“Incorporating Softel technology into the RadiantGridTM Platform enables us to offer our international customers, as well as those in the U.S., the highest level of support for subtitles and closed captioning,” says Kirk Marple, president, chief software architect, RadiantGrid Technologies, LLC. “Users will now be able to handle their subtitling and closed-captioning processes simultaneously with other transcoding processes within the platform, effectively reducing the time needed for content to be converted and processed for deployment.”

“We’re very pleased to partner with RadiantGrid to enhance the capabilities of its platform,” says Sam Pemberton, Softel CEO. “RadiantGrid has built a powerful solution for the management of media in file-based workflows. This, combined with our subtitling and captioning capabilities, will help to maximize the audience for content providers across a broad range of consumption mediums and formats.”