AmberFin to Deliver State of the Art JPEG2000 Ingest and Transcode Solution for Warner Bros. Technical Operations’ Digital End-to-End (DETE) Workflow System

AmberFin iCR ingest and transcode solution to deliver highest quality masters on the market

BURBANK, Calif. and HOLLYWOOD, Calif. September 14, 2009 — AmberFin today announces it will deliver a state of the art JPEG2000 ingest and transcode solution for Warner Bros. Technical Operations’ DETE workflow and distribution system. The new solution will deliver high-quality servicing masters, while enabling Warner Bros. Technical Operations to significantly improve workflow compatibility and interoperability.

Set to be released later this year, the new tool will be incorporated into the DETE platform. Working with a leading systems integrator, AmberFin will incorporate the new tool into the existing DETE platform to enable the creation of High Definition and high resolution eMasters in an automated fashion. HD eMasters will be created from both new and library materials and from multiple sources – both physical and digital. Also as part of the implementation, master files will be quality checked using AmberFin iCR’s industry leading automated Quality Control and Assisted Review Station.

“We chose to work with AmberFin for its technology leadership. AmberFin has played a major role in making this transition to JPEG2000 possible," says Darcy Antonellis, President, Warner Bros. Technical Operations. "We are implementing AmberFin's iCR to automate a number of our file-based workflow processes. iCR provides our Studio with the platform needed to support the changing dynamics and relevancy of time-to-market associated with the host of new digital businesses being launched. The level of automation developed directly and positively impacts our cost incurred to deliver high quality content to partners and consumers."

AmberFin iCR software’s added capabilities will also enable Warner Bros. Technical Operations to provide partners with a wider range of format support and format customization catering to their service’s specific needs. HD eMasters will be easily stored with file transformations done in an automated fashion, eliminating the need to store multiple format versions.

“Our iCR solution does the heavy lifting of video, audio and data manipulation by streamlining the migration to file-based operations, which results in dramatically enhanced operational efficiencies,” states Bruce Devlin CTO of AmberFin. “Enabling customers to transition successfully to file-based and HD workflows requires a variety of complex technical challenges to be solved. At AmberFin, we are focused on solving these issues so that customers, like Warner Bros. Technical Operations can focus on getting the most out of their content without worrying about the low level detail of the ingest and transcode operations. They can therefore benefit from the highest quality HD imagery in the industry at the lowest overall cost per deliverable.”


About AmberFin

AmberFin enables content owners to maximize the value of their TV, film and video content, from capture through to distribution, while increasing revenues, reducing costs, saving time and eliminating incompatibility issues. AmberFin iCR, with four-time Emmy-award winning technology, plays a key role in turning the content that owners have into the content their customers want. As an open standard, future proof platform that digitizes and transforms new and archived content, AmberFin iCR delivers the best quality pictures at smaller file sizes across multiple delivery platforms, including the Internet, VoD, TV, mobile and other small screen devices. AmberFin already has 100s of iCR systems in the field, and is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious companies including Sony, NBA, Turner Broadcasting, BT, Channel 4, RTM and Warner Brothers, managing the digitization and repurposing of their content.

Privately held by Advent Venture Partners, AmberFin is, headquartered in Basingstoke, UK. More information is available at:

About Warner Bros. Technical Operations

Warner Bros. Technical Operations handles the administration and management of the worldwide physical distribution of Warner Bros. Entertainment’s films and television shows and is responsible for the company’s conversion to digital distribution. The division also provides technological and operational support for new and existing ventures, while managing the implementation of product and distribution-related systems across its parent company. WBTO is further responsible for identifying and developing technologies that facilitate business development and growth for all of Warner Bros. Entertainment. Additionally, WBTO oversees Motion Picture Imaging, a department providing state-of- the-art post-production facilities for both in-house projects and outside clients. MPI is an industry leader in the preservation and restoration of film and television properties and is charged with maintenance of the vast Warner Bros. film and TV library.

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