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Mobile Tag’s solution now downloadable for GPhones and BlackBerry

Atlanta, 29 June, 2009 – Innovative French company and European 2D mobile barcode leader, Mobile Tag, announces today that its Datamatrix embedded software application mobiletag, that allows mobile phones to read 2D barcodes simply by using the phone’s camera to provide quick access to external content such as movie trailers or promotional information, is now downloadable on the Android Market for GPhones, and on the BlackBerry App Store.

The solution that was launched for all other mobile phones back in 2006 is now ready to be deployed on these smart phones and can now be downloaded for free via Android Market or BlackBerry App Store.

“Mobile Tag is a company that constantly tries to stay one step ahead of the trends, closely following new hardware launches, which explains why we have adapted our mobiletag solution to ensure that a version compatible with smart phones such as the GPhones or BlackBerry is available for our customers as of today,” comments Christian François Viala, Marketing and Communication Director at Mobile Tag.


“Using the mobiletag software on the new GPhones from Google will give our users faster direct access to the Internet when they shoot a tag to obtain external content,” continues Mr. Viala. “The main difference when using mobiletag on the GPhones will be that rather than using the phone’s camera to take a snap shot of the 2D barcode, users will need to use their phones in video mode instead”.


As for the GPhones, mobiletag for the BlackBerry Bold will also need to be used in video mode – saving time (as no snap shot needs to be captured) and offering an easier and more user-friendly interface. For all other BlackBerry models, the solution operates in its traditional snap shot mode.

About Mobile Tag, mobiletag & MEEPASS

Innovative French company, Mobile Tag is a leading software developer specialising in mobile handset software solutions. Mobile Tag has two main products: mobiletag and MEEPASS. It also added an NFC tag management server to its portfolio.

In 2006, the company launched mobiletag, an embedded software application that allows mobile phones to read 2D barcodes, otherwise known as tags, simply by using the phone’s camera. Mobile Tag developed the software to create quick access to external content.

Mobile Tag received a venture capital investment of 4 million euros in October 2008, funded by new lead investor Alven Capital and by existing shareholders (XangeCapital and IDF Capital). This capital increase will allow mobiletag to pursue its international growth strategy in the market of 2D barcodes. mobiletag has already established business partnerships with the major French and European mobile network Operators and is in negotiation today with international brands.

Mobile Tag SAS has established a Delaware Corporation, Mobile Tag, Inc. which is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Mobile Tag, Inc. is focused on North American Mobile Operators and Brands with the same proven MEEPASS and mobiletag technology and services.

In addition to mobiletag, Mobile Tag is pleased to announce the launch of MEEPASS, a revolutionary new mobile identification product that the company showcased at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For more information, please visit: or For mobiles, please use: