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VSN announces the definite merger of Activa Software

Both companies announce their definitive merger by absorption. This ranks VSN as one of the most important software development companies in Europe in the audiovisual sector.

VSN, company founded in the 90's, which develops software solutions and video servers for the digitization of TV channels, and Activa Software, a technological company that has also been dedicated for more than 20 years to develop solutions for the audiovisual market, announce their definite merger. Both companies were already working together since 2007, when the acquisition of Activa Software by VSN took place. Since it is a merger by absorption, all Activa Software’s assets and business portfolio will remain integrated within the structure of VSN, whose turnover will be significantly increased.

“This is a strategic decision which positions us as one of the main companies in the world of broadcast solutions’ manufacturers. Thanks to this merger we will expand our offer to the most complete range of products for the Broadcast & IT Media market, featuring a full integration among all operational areas of a TV station, including scheduling, ingest, news and live production, digital archiving, master control room and IP content delivery”, explained Jordi Utiel, VSN’s CEO. In words of Jordi Gilabert, founder of Activa Software and now VSN’s R&D Project Manager "the acquisition in 2007 was already beneficial for Activa Software in terms of the great commercial expansion of VSN, with its subsidiaries in Dubai, USA, Brazil and Uruguay. Now we are very proud of the synergies reached among developers of both companies, and especially, of the common R&D project that we started 3 years ago. We are about to launch to the market a Cloud Computing platform for the distribution and management of media content."

In 2007 Activa Software’ solutions allowed VSN to complete its product range, incorporating high availability systems for broadcast automation and scheduling, and for the distribution of broadcast media content over the Internet. The offer of products and solutions from both companies are present today in more than 1000 TV channels, in 80 countries.