Net Insight Introduces JPEG2000 Video Access Module for the Nimbra 600 Series

Net Insight, a leading developer of efficient and scalable transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, today introduced the JPEG2000 Video Access Module for the Nimbra 600 platforms, answering broadcaster and content producer demand for a cost-effective, integrated solution for low latency compression and high quality of video transport.

New product provides low latency compression and quality of transport to contribution networks

The trend for video transmission in contribution networks is to use uncompressed formats. At the same time, the increasing amount of high-bandwidth HD and 3DTV content mandates that contribution networks have a compression option.

JPEG2000 is a high quality compression technique perfectly suited for contribution networks, where network operators prefer it as a compression option for high-bandwidth content. JPEG2000 is ideal for complex broadcasts such as live two-way interviews or transporting video from multiple remote filming locations to the production studio.

The Net Insight JPEG2000 Video Access Module provides a high-density solution for JPEG2000 compression of 3G, HD and SD-SDI video. The 8-port JPEG2000 Video Access Module in the Nimbra 600 series supports compression or decompression of up to two 3G-SDI, four HD-SDI or eight SD-SDI channels. The module also uniquely can run uncompressed 3G/HD/SD-SDI services over any port that is not used for JPEG2000. Operators can individually configure ports used for uncompressed services as input, output or monitor and the module is software configurable as JPEG2000 coder or decoder. The desired bit rate of the compressed video is easily configured per stream to suit video quality and bandwidth availability requirements.

The Nimbra 680 chassis scales from delivering a single compressed SD-SDI over a 100 Mbps Ethernet network interface to massive transport of up to 28 compressed HD-SDI plus up to 28 uncompressed SD-SDI services over a 10 Gbps network trunk module.

One advantage JPEG2000 has in a contribution environment is that it compresses frame by frame, significantly reducing latency because there is not dependence from one frame to the next. It also allows content to be compressed and uncompressed multiple times in the workflow with visually lossless quality. In addition, JPEG2000 processes the entire picture and does not generate the blocking effects sometimes found in MPEG coding, which acts on 8x8 pixel blocks.

“JPEG2000 compression cost-effectively delivers quality forhigh bandwidth video and will soon become the standard for compression in contribution networks,” said Per Lindgren, VP Business Development at Net Insight. “The JPEG2000 Video Access Module with its unmatched flexibility and port-density makes Net Insight a one-stop shop for quality transport and compression.”

As with any access module in the Nimbra family, the JPEG2000 Video Access Module, comes with a rich set of features, including end-to-end Performance Monitoring, full Multicast support as well as resilience options for integrated 1+1 protection and dynamic network restoration. Very low and predictable jitter, wander and latency can be guaranteed by utilizing the exceptional synchronous timing performance of the Nimbra platform.

Visit Net Insight's booth 1B40 at IBC 2010 to experience the Nimbra platform with Net Insight’s new JPEG2000 Video Access Module and learn the benefits of using JPEG2000 for compression in contribution networks.