Euskal Telebista Standardizes on Panasonic P2HD Format for Flexible HD Acquisition in ENG

WIESBADEN, Germany -- 24 July, 2007 -- Panasonic PBITS today announced that Euskal Telebista (EiTB), a Basque Country television group that counts among Spain‘s most vital public broadcasters, has adopted Panasonic‘s P2HD format as the exclusive format for its electronic news gathering (ENG) systems. With the unique P2 solid-state memory, Panasonic‘s P2HD products give EiTB speed, reliability, and flexibility in recording, accessing, and editing content.

“After an extensive review of available formats through a public tender process, EiTB determined that Panasonic‘s P2HD format offered the greatest ease of use and versatility, with a simple upgrade path that would accommodate future growth of their news gathering operations,” said Toni Feliu, Country Manager at Panasonic PBITS Spain. “They also chose to take advantage of Panasonic‘s Premium Service Pack, an option which gives them extra warranty protection and access to rapid service and support -- all of which gives them added confidence in the long-term performance and reliability of their Panasonic equipment.”

EiTB operates five television channels and five radio channels, providing news and entertainment programming to viewers within the Basque Country and, via satellite and cable, to households across the rest of Europe and America. The first Panasonic P2HD products being implemented by EiTB within its ENG division include the AG-HVX200 handheld solid-state HD camcorder and AG-HPX500 Memory Card Camera-Recorder, as well as the P2 Mobile system for the broadcaster‘s OB van.

The lightweight AG-HVX200 HD camera features a breakthrough design capable of supporting multiple HD and SD formats and multiple recording modes and frame rates, allowing operators to get a cinematic look without sacrificing efficiency and versatility. EiTB‘s ENG crews can select among recording modes from 25-Mbps to 50-Mbps DVCPRO50 to 100-Mbps DVCPRO HD depending on the assignment and type of coverage and quality needed. The camera‘s P2 memory provides random access to all recorded content and, because there is no need to digitize video, enables a rapid shift from production into editing. In addition to providing flexible access to and review of recorded media, the solid-state construction of P2 storage ensures quiet operation and exceptional reliability.

The AG-HPX500 being deployed by EiTB is an SD- and HD-capable camera that can be switched between 50-Hz and 60-Hz operation. The camera‘s progressive 3CCD and 2/3-inch interchangeable lens system enable full-fledged HD production, while its variable frame-rate function delivers film-like picture quality. Equipped with four P2 card slots, the AG-HPX500 gives ENG teams extended HD recording time, quick recording starts, and benefits of the P2 format in IT-based recording and editing workflows.

The P2 Mobile, Panasonic‘s AJ-HPM100 recorder/player, features a six-slot P2 card reader that will make it easy for EiTB ENG crews to move media off of their AG-HVX200 and AG-HPX500 cameras and free up solid-state memory for further recording. With a 9-inch widescreen LCD, the unit allows users to perform cuts-only editing and shot marking in the field. I/O options include HD-SDI, IEEE 1394, and USB 2.0, as well as the AVC-Intra 50-Mbps and 100-Mbps 10-bit codecs. The compact P2 Mobile system is rugged and transports easily, with the screen folding down into a package the size of a small briefcase.

More information on P2 equipment and other Panasonic products is available at or by phone at +49 611 235 410.

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About Euskal Telebista

The EiTB group is the leading media group in the Basque Country with five television channels and five radio stations. It has been in operation since 1982, and during this period it has established itself as a modern efficient media organization that connects up with more than a million people every day to provide a mix of news and entertainment. More information about the broadcaster is available at and

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Panasonic is a brand name for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd. of Japan (MEI), one of the world‘s largest manufacturers of consumer electronics and ranked third on the Fortune 500 Electronics and Electrical Equipment Index. The company was founded in 1918 in Osaka, Japan, by Konosuke Matsushita and has grown from just three employees to more than 260,000 people worldwide. Panasonic has been operating in Europe since 1962, when it established its first sales office in Hamburg, Germany. The company‘s presence has increased throughout Europe following major investment programmes in manufacturing and sales operations.