New Century 5-Filter Kit for DV/HDV Cameras

The world‘s top maker of professional add-on lenses is introducing Century 4”x4” filters by Schneider Optics. Each member of this new five-filter kit has been specifically selected to meet the unique needs of today‘s DV/HDV cinematographers.

Combining superior grade materials, high-end performance, and affordability, Century filters are aimed at becoming a cornerstone in the toolbox of DV and HDV professionals.

To best handle exposure, Century offers two ND filters. The Neutral Density .6 Solid filter reduces transmission by 75%, controlling exposure or depth of field under various lighting conditions without affecting color or contrast. Century‘s Neutral Density .6 Soft Edge Graduated filter employs a surface that‘s 50% clear and 50% with a neutral density of 0.6 (2 stops), to balance exposure within a scene - for example, the exposure of sky and earth in a landscape, which avoids overexposed blank white skies.

The Century Polarizer reduces glare and unwanted reflections, saturates colors, deepens blue skies, improves contrast, and penetrates haze.

For subtle enhancement of a scene, the Black Frost 1/2 Diffusion filter can be used to flare highlights, mute colors, and tone down contrast, without degrading image quality or black saturation.

Century‘s Skintone Enhancer Warming filter adds warmth to skin tones and accentuates foliage and architecture while reducing excessive blue in outdoor open shade. The ideal tool for romantic close-ups, it can be effectively combined with Century softening filters.

Available in October 2007, the new Century DV/HDV series will be offered as 4”x4” size filters, which fit neatly in any standard mattebox filterholder. Filters may be purchased separately, in a hard plastic box designed for safe storage and maximum protection, or together as a kit, complete with a lightweight, multicompartment padded case and a convenient belt loop. U.S. MSRP is $129 for single filters, and $499 for the 5-filter kit.

Like all Century professional accessories for popular DV and HDV cameras, Century filters are available through Schneider Optics dealers worldwide. For more information, contact: Schneider Optics, 7701 Haskell Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406, telephone (818) 766-3715; fax (818) 505-9865; or at: 285 Oser Avenue, Hauppauge, NY 11788, telephone (800) 645-7239/(631) 761-5000, fax (631) 761-5090;

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