Pilat Media Launches 'Business Evolution Framework,' Enabling Broadcasters to Integrate and Scale Next-Gen Services Efficiently

LONDON — Feb. 17, 2009 — Pilat Media, a leading provider of business management software to the media industry, today announced it has designed a new framework for managing media companies' business operations, which will enable them to take advantage of opportunities brought about by changes in content production and delivery technologies as well as audience viewing habits. Pilat Media's Business Evolution Framework (BEF) will be rolled out in a series of add-on products for its flagship Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS), as well as new services and partnerships to be announced throughout 2009 and beyond.

"Our experience of working with major media players around the world has led us to identify three primary dimensions in the evolution of the consumer's media experience that create diversification and growth opportunities for our customers: on-demand, relevance (targeted messaging), and cross platform," said Avi Engel, chief executive officer of Pilat Media. "These opportunities demonstrate an industry-wide need for an enhanced business management system architecture that is flexible and scalable enough to meet the changing needs of today and to take advantage of future revenue streams. With the Business Evolution Framework, we have designed that architecture and related concepts that will enable service and content providers to stay ahead of the curve efficiently and profitably."

The BEF builds upon Pilat Media's track record of innovation, which included last year's successful port of IBMS to a new state-of-the-art and flexible .NET front end. The BEF roadmap is comprised of three key enhancements. The first adds the business processes that enable the integration of multi-screen, non-linear, and targeted services together with linear multi-channel TV programming, airtime sales, traffic, and media operations. The second implements technology that extends open architecture, a comprehensive and tightly integrated workflow management engine, just-in-time services, and business intelligence to promote operational efficiencies, asset utilization, and flexible business process centralization. The third enhancement creates partnerships and services that upgrade the overall solution footprint utilizing open architecture and widely accepted industry standards.

Pilat Media will demonstrate the first add-on BEF products at the NAB exhibition, booth SU10405, April 20 – 23 in Las Vegas. These will include new modules for managing cross-platform on-demand services and advanced advertising, as well as business intelligence tools for IBMS.

"The evolving consumer media experience and resulting advertiser expectations are causing ripples throughout the media industry that are being felt all the way down to the level of business processes and supporting technologies. With the Business Evolution Framework we are enabling broadcasters to evolve their business effectively by providing the features and power to support optimal levels of convergence, integration, and centralization," said Bob Lamb, chief technology officer of Pilat Media. "We are now introducing the next layer of functionality, including powerful new modules and tools that will significantly improve the broadcaster's core business."

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