MultiDyne(R) Extends SMPTE Fiber HD Camera Transmission With SMPTE-HUT Hybrid Universal Transceiver

LOCUST VALLEY, N.Y. -- April 15, 2012 -- MultiDyne(R), a leading provider of fiber optic-based video and audio transport solutions for broadcast and pro A/V applications, today announced that it will introduce the SMPTE-HUT at the 2012 NAB Show. The SMPTE-HUT is a universal camera transceiver designed to increase the transmission distances of SMPTE HD cameras limited by SMPTE hybrid copper/fiber cabling. Ideal for remote broadcasting, sports, shared control rooms, campus facilities, and arena and stadium applications, the SMPTE-HUT cost-effectively enables full camera operation in even the most rugged broadcasting environments, extending transmission ranges up to 10 km and more. The new transceiver also enables use of pre-installed infrastructure fiber, eliminating expensive customer cable installation.

The SMPTE HUT is making its debut as one of the first in a range of products from InfleXion Design to be available through MultiDyne. A recently announced co-venture, InfleXion Design combines the strengths of three industry veterans: MultiDyne's Frank Jachetta along with Eugene Baker and Carlos Acosta.

The high-performance transceiver eliminates RF, EMI, and grounding issues through a lightweight, space-efficient package, enabling faster set and strike times, as well as lighter OB vans, B-units, and cable shipments. Through simple plug-and-play operation, the solution can be used either as a passive, unpowered system with local power supplied to the camera head or as a powered system with MultiDyne's HUT-C-300 camera-end device powering the camera head up to 1 km using a 14mm SMPTE hybrid cable. Both power schemes utilize a small adapter to accept the hybrid or CAT-6 cable from the camera control unit (CCU), tricking the CCU into recognizing a physical copper connection between it and the camera.

Between the SMPTE-HUT units, broadcasters have the option of running up to 10 km of two singlemode fibers or taking advantage of a facility's existing fiber backbone. Due to its optically passive nature, the two fibers can be routed through MultiDyne's EOS-4000 router or its FS-6000 Fiber-Saver CWDM remapper/multiplexer, providing the unique capability of powering up to six camera systems on just two fibers.

The flexible, fiber-based transceiver is compatible with a variety of optical and hybrid connectors, allowing users to choose the best connector for their needs. Additionally, the SMPTE-HUT supports all leading HD cameras, including Sony(R), Ikegami(R) and Hitachi(R) models, enabling a seamless setup and ease of use.

"The SMPTE-HUT significantly extends the distance of HD camera transmissions without sacrificing performance," said Frank Jachetta, president, MultiDyne. "With its light weight, low cost, and sophisticated electronics, our universal hybrid transceiver allows broadcasters to cost-effectively reach new heights in broadcasting that were previously limited by conventional SMPTE hybrid cables."

InfleXion Design's solid foundation draws from the leading-edge design skills of Eugene Baker, previously co-founder and CTO of Telecast, combined with Solid Camera co-founder Carlos Acosta's real-world, on-set expertise in digital cinema and industrial design and the vision of MultiDyne president and fiber-optic pioneer Frank Jachetta. This union allows MultiDyne to provide camera operators with innovative new solutions that are elegant in design while offering improved workflow and operational ease of use. The new high-performance, fiber-optic-based camera accessories are designed to appeal to a wide range of applications -- from broadcast television stations to 3D cinematographers.

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