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RadiantGrid Technologies, developer of leading-edge transcoding, transformation, and new media automation service platforms, along with MOG Solutions, leader in the development of Material eXchange Format (MXF) and Grass Valley™’s General eXchange Format (GXF) tools, have teamed up to incorporate support for writing GXF files along with its associated metadata and closed captioning within the RadiantGridTM Platform.

Originally developed by Grass Valley and SMPTE, GXF (SMPTE 360M) files allow for the transfer and archiving of HD Video content throughout a file-based workflow and can be used with Grass Valley K2 Summit™ and K2 Solo™ servers as well as legacy products. Through their work with MOG Solutions, RadiantGrid will now be able to offer its users full support for closed captioning and AFD (Active Format Description) data within GXF files, for those users looking to work with GXF files throughout their workflow. Being one of the only transcoding software developers on the market to offer GXF VANC (vertical ancillary data) and AFD support, RadiantGrid users will now be able to have all transcoding processes performed within one platform.

“RadiantGrid aims to have the broadest range of support for closed captioning and ancillary data in the industry today, across the widest number of formats and the widest range of video servers,” explains Kirk Marple, president, chief software architect, RadiantGrid Technologies. “With Grass Valley’s GXF being such an industry standard and customers requesting support of VANC within GXF for use with their Grass Valley media servers, it was important for us to be able to offer these capabilities within our transcoding platform. This addition allows users to not only transcode from GXF file formats, but convert files to GXF using RadiantGrid’s TrueGridTM faster than real time transcoding.”

MOG was selected to include the GXF VANC multiplexing support that RadiantGrid required as it is one of the only companies to have developed a licensable GXF Software Development Kit (SDK) on the market. This helped to streamline the incorporation of GXF transcoding into the RadiantGrid Platform.

“MOG Solutions shares RadiantGrid’s goal of helping to increase productivity in file-based workflows, so working together to implement closed captioning and data GXF support into the company’s platform was an important and innovative project to participate in, proving MOG’s know-how and experience as a world supplier of GXF development tools.” says Vitor Teixeira, Sales and Marketing Director, MOG Solutions.

“We are happy to have worked with RadiantGrid to offer GXF support within the company’s transcoding platform,” says Tim Slate, director of product development at Grass Valley. “Along with GXF, our servers also support a broad range of file formats including MXF Op1a, QuickTime, and soon to be released support for AMWA AS-03 MXF. With the implementation of GXF support into the RadiantGrid Platform, users will have their choice of formats to work in when utilizing Grass Valley servers as part of their workflow.”