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Wohler announces Rockridge

At the Wohler press conference, company marketing director Carl Dempsey highlighted several new products for this show. Two deserve review here.

The first was the Wohler AMP2-16V, a 16-channel audio-video monitor. This SDI-centric audio mixer and router has a full range of tools for managing signal loudness, Dolby program streams, transmission chain audio insertion, and emergency troubleshooting.

With 4.3in OLED displays, users get high-quality imagery of 3G HD/SD-SDI video along with a range of test signals and readouts. Some features include loudness control, mixing, and SDI embedding.

Of course no Wohler product would be complete without a full range of audio controls. With front-panel rotary push encoders, users have full mixing controls over all audio channels. A Dolby Zoom feature allows you to focus down on an encoded Dolby stream. You can listen and meter those channels as well as see up to 7 lines of selectable lines of metadata.

The second product Dempsey reviewed is not labeled Wohler at all. It's called Rockridge.

The Rockridge monitor product line is a new and feature-rich line of video monitors designed for 3G HD/SD-SDI and MPEG-4 video. The monitors are available in eight different versions, ranging from standard 4.3in quad 16:9 video screens all the way up to a full-size 24in 16:9 desktop monitor.

The monitors provide in-picture level metering, video waveform, and vectorscope displays. Full MPEG-4 decoding and monitoring with PID browsing is featured. The rear panel contains about every type of I/O connectivity you could ever need.

I asked Dempsey why the new product wasn't branded under the Wohler name. He said that it may be in the future, but that for now, Rockridge will be the company's super-quality picture monitor and test line. Don't leave Las Vegas until you've seen this product. Wohler is in booth N3023.