Nevion launches NASA’s 3D lift-off

Nevion launches NASA’s 3D lift-off

Ventura HD fiber transport solution chosen for real-time stereo 3D proof of concept

Sandefjord, Norway and Oxnard, California, July 14, 2010 – Nevion, formerly Network/VPG, a leading video transport solution provider for broadcasters, service providers and government entities worldwide has helped NASA successfully transport stereo 3D video of two space shuttle launches in real time.

The experimental terrestrial transmission was a proof of concept using stereo 3D video capture of the Atlantis and Endeavor space shuttle launches at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Nevion’s VS861 fiber transport solution transported three live uncompressed 3D video feeds from the launch gantry and towers back to NASA Command Center, providing a 360-degree 3D view of the launch in real time. It was also the first time that NASA had used digital video instead of film.

Having worked with the company for 20 years, NASA utilized Nevion’s high-density, high-speed, uncompressed video transport solution. With six HD-SDI ports - each with an HD data rate of 1.5Gbps – to support three stereo 3D cameras, the VS861 provided a space-saving, easy to operate and cost-effective solution for transporting uncompressed video.

“It was very exciting to be involved in this cutting-edge test and we’re pleased to report that the VS861 worked perfectly and the proof of concept was a great success,” said Eugene Keane, president of Nevion USA. “The use of stereo 3D in space shuttle launches has a variety of critical applications such as debris verification, so we’re looking forward to seeing where this takes us in future. Whether for real-time 3D video monitoring of space shuttle launches, or 3D sports and entertainment like the Masters Golf Tournament, Nevion solutions continue to define the cutting edge of advanced video transport.”

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