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Omneon and Sienna Solutions Streamline Shared Edit and News Production Environments

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — March 10, 2009 — Omneon Inc., a leading provider of media server and active storage systems, today announced that Gallery has integrated its PictureReady software with the Omneon MediaGrid™ active storage system to enable direct ingest and instant editing of DVCPRO 25, 50, and HD material with Final Cut Pro®. The complete Sienna news automation suite from Gallery also is integrated with the MediaGrid system and Omneon Spectrum™ media server to enable a reliable and robust news production workflow, allowing users to edit in place with Final Cut Pro just seconds after capture begins.

"Sienna provides an end-to-end media production infrastructure that integrates with the Omneon MediaGrid storage platform to provide a superior solution for efficient, collaborative production of high-quality news programming," said Mark Gilbert, director of product development for Sienna. "With the MediaGrid positioned at the center of the Sienna software suite, broadcasters enjoy a unified and elegant environment for rapid, reliable news production. The Omneon MediaGrid active storage system simultaneously supports multichannel ingest and edit-in-place for both Sienna and Final Cut Pro editing, as well as active staging of finished content to media servers for immediate play to air. The pairing of our software with this exceptional storage technology from Omneon brings users unmatched functionality in a highly scalable file-based workflow."

The Sienna family of technologies realizes an efficient and fully integrated QuickTime® and MOS-based news workflow, designed to be used with MOS news systems such as ENPS, alongside a Final Cut Pro-based QuickTime media infrastructure. Part of the Sienna newsroom automation suite, PictureReady is a video capture application based on the Apple platform using AJA Kona video interface cards. The application is ideal for ingesting or capturing video and audio material directly to Omneon MediaGrid active storage. PictureReady uses QuickTime encoders to encode the incoming media, giving it immediate compatibility with Final Cut Pro.

As media is recorded and ingested into the MediaGrid system, the growing clip can be placed on the timeline or in the preview window of Final Cut Pro and even scrolled through or played. Video "fills in" under the clip, so the editor can easily access the most recently ingested portion of the clip.

The integration of the Omneon and Sienna systems not only enables an improved editing workflow, but also provides a flexible network storage environment for a smoother end-to-end workflow for real-time broadcasts. The integrated solution supports both SD and HD content and can be configured to generate a browse/edit proxy of media during capture. Because PictureReady is tightly integrated with the Sienna MediaServices asset management system, all captured media is available immediately for Web search and proxy review from within the MOS newsroom interface.

While PictureReady allows users to ingest content directly to the MediaGrid system, the Sienna MediaServices module automatically copies finished media from the MediaGrid system to Omneon Spectrum or MediaDeck™ server systems for active playout, even as the file transfer is underway. Sienna AutomationX — live assist automation, which is tied to the MOS newsroom system — provides Ethernet-based playout control of the Spectrum and MediaDeck systems, with dedicated functionality for live news and sports programs. Using this integrated system, broadcasters can deliver newly ingested feeds into MOS placeholders embedded in news stories and positioned in the rundown.

"Gallery now has more than 700 channels of PictureReady in use at leading broadcast and post facilities worldwide," said Jason Danielson, senior director of market development at Omneon. "The integration of our media server and active storage systems with Sienna applications brings a combination of efficiency and reliability to ingest, shared editing, and playout, thus allowing users to streamline their end-to-end workflows."

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About Sienna

The Sienna system (System Integrated Network News Automation) was developed by Gallery and IEC, sister companies with a proven track record in delivering cutting-edge technologies to blue-chip clients in highly demanding environments. Together, Gallery and IEC have served the audio post-production, film, music, television, and broadcast industries since 1992 and count the world's leading professionals amongst their clients. The Sienna software range is created exclusively for the Macintosh platform. More information about Sienna software suite is available at

About Omneon

Omneon Inc. is a leading provider of scalable media server and active storage systems that optimize workflow productivity and on-air reliability for the production, distribution, and management of digital media. Omneon is a pioneer in the use of advanced IT technologies and open systems for broadcast applications, producing a modular and expandable video server architecture in the Omneon Spectrum. The company's MediaGrid active storage system delivers centralized content storage that is scalable in capacity, bandwidth, and media-processing power. The company has an extensive global presence with customers in more than 50 countries on six continents. Omneon is on the Web at

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