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Alteran Technologies To Present ViTaDi Media Migration Systems at NAB 2011

NAB Booth # N 5537

Chatsworth, CA (February 22, 2011) -- Alteran Technologies will present its enhanced ViTaDi product suite at NAB 2011 in booth N5537 to offer a series of low-cost, mobile and modular solutions for videotape ingest. Built around the company’s AutoPack- the world’s first low-cost 4-channel videotape capture flypack that operates in both automatic (robotic) and semi-automatic modes, ViTaDi’s scalable systems facilitate migration of all library sizes on location.

Update ViTaDi AutoPack

Alteran’s ViTaDi AutoPack - the world’s first low-cost 4-channel mobile videotape ingest flypack - forms the core of the Company’s Media Migration series. This updated version features revised master control which organizes and monitors the entire workflow process, broken down into logically delineated steps facilitating ease of use. Productivity is enhanced by flexible features including multi-clip capture mode and timecode break mode. Native file formats include Quicktime, MXF and OP-atom. The AutoPack is scalable, has onboard storage & works with customer-supplied VTRs or with two different ViTaDi playback configurations; the VTRPack (semi-automatic) for most formats including U-Matic, Beta, 1 Inch, VHS or the RoboPack (automatic) for Betacam formats & D2.

ViTaDi mini-AutoPack

The ViTaDi mini-AutoPack is a 4-channel basic Videotape Ingest Flypack. This economical scaled-back version of the AutoPack is a single unit (non-scalable) system offering basic ingest functionality. The mini-AutoPack’s Automatic Control Software (ACS) works with most RS-422 controlled VTRs and can interface with the ViTaDi VTRPack, RoboPack or customer-supplied VTRs that are ViTaDi approved. The mini-AutoPack also utilizes customer-supplied storage. Standard components include a 4-channel encoder engine, server, fiber switch, barcode reader, quad monitors and ACS License for the first year.


This complete turnkey semi-automatic 4-channel videotape ingest system is housed in dual flypacks. The ViTaDi-AutoVTRPack-UMatic includes an AutoPack and a VTRPack (hardware for 4 VTRs; racks, converters and cable harnesses as needed) configured with 4 certified U-Matic Sony VTR/TBCs. Preinstalled master control software organizes and monitors the entire workflow process and also functions as master database repository for multiple systems.


The ViTaDi-AutoRoboPack-Betacam features a complete turnkey robotic 4-channel videotape ingest solution in double flypacks for maximum ingest of Betacam tapes at an outstanding price. The system comprises the ViTaDi AutoPack, RoboPack (Flexicart robot hardware; racks, tape bins for 60 tapes, SDI converters, and cable harnesses) loaded with 4 certified Betacam VTRs of choice, including Betacam Oxide, Digibeta, SP and SX. Preinstalled master control software organizes and monitors the entire workflow process and also functions as a master database repository for multiple systems. The unit includes installation, first year maintenance and 24/7 support.

ViTaDi ExPack

The ViTaDi ExPack is a portable extension pack customizable to any combination of available options which include automatic transcoding (takes 4 streams of encoded material and transcodes up to 16 streams in real time either during or after ingest), additional storage (up to 48TB), AQC (automatic quality control), LTOPack (multiple drive LTO tape storage) and ScanPack (tape barcode scanning and software). Like all Alteran hardware, the ExPack is housed in a rugged flypack, includes Xserve computers and fits through standard-sized entrances facilitating easy transport.

About Alteran Technologies

Alteran Technologies develops customized software/hardware workflow solutions for a broad cross section of industries. ViTaDi uses a complex and proprietary database backbone and can ingest over 64 channels of content simultaneously making it one of the most efficient and cost effective migration solutions in the industry today. For further information:

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Alteran contact: Anthony Buzzeo

Press contact: Harriet Diener / Desert Moon Communications / 845-512-8283