AXON’s monitoring and control software Cortex has recently been purchased by Viditech, a Dutch supplier of broadcast facilities.

Viditech, supplying broadcast facilities since 1990, has 3 OB vans and supplies its facilities to a large variety of customers in the broadcast as well as in the professional AV industry. Viditech will use AXON Cortex for the monitoring and control of equipment of its 3 OB vans. The unique aspect about the purchase of AXON Cortex Router Control (Cortex-RC) is that Viditech will be using Cortex as an upgrade to their existing OB-van OB4 (built in 2001) whereby Cortex will be controlling with a variety of non-Axon products. The purchase by Viditech was a direct result of AXON’s Cortex Master Classes, which took place in October of last year. These Master Classes were set up by AXON to show the potential of Cortex. “We are very pleased that Viditech has purchased Cortex and is willing to share its experiences with our development team”, says Leo Smeding AXON’s Sales Manager Netherlands. Jan de Pijper Viditech’s CEO comments: ”AXON’s master class on Cortex made us aware of the large potential of this monitoring and control software. We are currently working on implementing and fine-tuning Cortex for our application”.

Cortex development started as monitoring and control software for AXON’s signal processing equipment Synapse. Meanwhile it has grown to a powerful package including 3rd party products control. This software application makes the implementation of multiple video and audio signal paths easier, more efficient and cost-effective than ever. Cortex provides comprehensive tools to configure, monitor and maintain not only the complete range of Synapse products, but also a wide variety of other devices. The result is that you and an unlimited numbers of users can take total control over multiple and complex routines. Ultimately, you can make your work flow how you want it to flow.

The basic monitoring and control functionality of Cortex is supplied with the purchase of AXON equipment, like Synapse and SynView (multiview system). Cortex can be extended with Cortex Panel View, Cortex Router Control and Cortex SNMP Control and Monitoring. Cortex Panel View lets you design and display customized interfaces for any device controlled and monitored by Cortex. Cortex-Router Control extends Cortex Panel View by allowing third-party routers to be controlled and monitored using native routing protocols. The status of a routing device is shown in the device view and can be controlled using the uploaded mnemonics from the router if supported. Cortex-SNMP allows you to connect, control and monitor thousands of third-party devices supporting the SNMP interface – such as servers, mixers, character generators, waveform monitors – all from within Cortex.