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Multiconn and DiBcom partner to offer an enhanced in-car TV receiver

Paris: DiBcom, the leading provider of Mobile TV solutions, is pleased to announce that the Italian company MTC Multiconn s.r.l. will be the first to implement DiBcom’s “diversity-4” technology in their in-car digital TV receiver.

Receiving digital TV in a car travelling at high speeds requires advanced technology to ensure reliable and constant picture quality. In order to achieve the best results in the most demanding environments, DiBcom has introduced the MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) diversity technology, which is a smart way to combine the digital TV signals received via 2 (or more) different antennas.

Multiconn is the first company to launch a ready-to-install in-car receiver using DiBcom’s “diversity-4” MRC technology. Individual antennas attached to four opposite car windows are connected to DiBcom’s DIB7070-M chips that integrate a VHF-UHF tuner along with a DVB-T/H demodulator.

The high integration of DiBcom’s chips has allowed Multiconn to create a very compact device, which can be easily dissimulated within the vehicle. In addition, the Multiconn in-car receiver features an automatic background scan thanks to 2 additional DIB7070-M chips. The Diversity Auto Scan (DAS) technology, developed by Multiconn, automatically locates and maintains the strongest TV signal found in the area, therefore delivering the best possible reception. The software application on the device also makes the system extremely user friendly: instead of having to manually scan for new programmes when out of the transmitter coverage area, the list of TV programmes available is automatically updated in real time throughout the journey.

“In countries such as Spain, Italy, France and Sweden, the use of DVB-T modulation modes in 64QAM impair reception in the mobile environment. Implementations and field tests have shown that using “diversity-4” (4 antennas) in these countries drastically increases the reliability of digital TV reception, enabling comfortable in-car use,” said Pascal Prost, Director of Product Marketing at DiBcom. “We are extremely pleased that a leading company like Multiconn is integrating DiBcom’s technology to provide innovative solutions and enhance Mobile TV accessibility throughout Europe.”

“The launch of this new auto-scanning and DAS system will enable us to raise the standard of in-car digital TV and we are very proud to be working alongside an industry pioneer and leader such as DiBcom on this exciting project,” said Luca Bacilieri, Multiconn’s CEO.

A demo of the Multiconn DAS system will be shown in the DiBcom booth A41, Hall3 at IBC from Sept. 12th to Sept. 16th.

About DiBcom

DiBcom is at the heart of mobile TV. As a fabless semiconductor company that designs high-performance chipsets, DiBcom enables low-power mobile and portable TV reception everywhere and at speeds exceeding 200 km/h. The company’s solutions are used in automotive, PC/peripheral, mobile phones and other handheld devices. DiBcom has extensive experience solving real-world mobile digital terrestrial television (DTT) reception problems and has overcome the main technological barriers to high-quality service. The company has developed a number of patented algorithms and architectures for fast and accurate channel estimation and high Doppler compensation. Its chipsets are compliant with the current worldwide Digital Video Broadcast standards DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-SH, T-DMB and ISDB-T.

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About Multiconn

Multiconn is a leading company in the production and trade of connectors and components for harnesses. By being aware of the needs of national and international markets, the company has become specialised in the study, the development, the production and trade of electrical connection devices and the manufacture of high quality leads. In this way, they are able to offer multiple solutions for different fields of application like the automotive, audiovisual and electronics industries. Their international links with associates in both Europe and the Far-East allow them to operate in the market in a systematic way, satisfying even the most specific demands. Their Taiwan office is ISO9001 certified and has its own R&D department which works in tandem with its European counterpart. It offers a range of design and manufacturing capabilities, including product design, material sourcing and post production material support.

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