736 miles and still going strong

The insanity of meeting my NAB schedule began in full on Monday with visits to the booths of more than a dozen of vendors after the Open Mobile Video Coalition breakfast. If you missed my report from the breakfast on the progress being made in the effort to standardize on a single industry standard for mobile TV broadcast to mobile phones, portable devices, laptop computers, vehicles and the like, see: “Working mobile broadcast TV standard doable by end of year, says Davis.”

Today’s posting is a compilation of reports from some, certainly not all, of the visits I made to vendors’ booths Tuesday. As time allows, I’ll circle back and post more.

However, before launching into the reports, here’s an interesting fact I learned yesterday. I’ve often wondered how far I walk on a typical day at NAB. This year, for the first time, I brought a pedometer to the show and wore it yesterday. I was stunned by the results.

Tuesday I walked 16,720 paces across the North, Central and South Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. That translates into more than eight miles. I got to thinking, I’ve been traipsing around NAB convention floors since 1985 reporting on technology and developments for a variety of publications. If yesterday was typical –and my feet and legs tell me it was- and I multiply this out, I’ve walked a total of 736 miles across the NAB show floor so far in my career. Whew! I think I was better off not knowing.