Team Group Launches New Company: TeamSolutions

The Washington, DC based TEAM Group is pleased to announce the launch of TEAM Solutions.

TEAM Solutions is a consulting practice specializing in engineering, communications and management solutions designed to address today’s digital media challenges. Its clients are searching for the latest digital media production and distribution technologies, building new facilities or upgrading existing ones, looking for new communication tools and techniques to better reach their target audiences and struggling with human resources, compliance and management responsibilities.

TEAM Solutions’ President, Brian Frydenlund says, “We have been providing this sort of guidance to networks, corporations and government clients for many years. The demand for these services has led us to formalize the work through TEAM Solutions.” He goes on to state, “We all know that change is the only constant when it comes to communicating through electronic media. TEAM Solutions helps its clients navigate their way through transitions to new technologies, new methods, and new modes of communication. We are transition specialists.”

TEAM Solutions is grounded in a history of innovative and forward-thinking technical solutions. From their work to rebuild Kuwait’s state television system after the first Gulf War, to designing and overseeing the construction of a high definition automotive service training facility for BMW, TEAM Solutions’ engineers have not just kept abreast of technology, but have helped set the pace of its growth.

TEAM Solutions is also equipped to tackle communications challenges. Their content creation and distribution expertise has led to the development of rich-media web experiences designed to bring causes to the forefront of the public’s eye or elegantly distribute programs to niche audiences. For example, America’s Voice, an immigration reform organization, called upon TEAM to create an end-to-end solution that produces highly effective advocacy videos that reach a large audience very economically. On a very different tack, Boeing needed to produce a live unveiling of a jumbo jetliner for both invited guests and a world-wide Internet audience. TEAM provided the solution.

Installing and implementing technical and communications plans and processes leads to a variety of management concerns. TEAM Solutions also provides solid counsel on this front. They have helped companies establish communications departments where none have existed and put in place management structures for groups ranging from a few to a few hundred. TEAM Solutions strives for results that are employee friendly, ensure 100% compliance with federal and state law and always work in service to the clients’ business objectives.

The TEAM Group also includes TEAM Creations, a 25,000 square foot creative production facility in Washington, DC and TeamPeople, the premiere media staffing company offering people management & staffing services to the broadcast, cable, government and corporate communications industries.

While TEAM Solutions has the resources of its sister companies to draw on, it is an independent practice that provides guidance appropriate to its clients’ needs. Their work nationwide, and in many cases internationally, has allowed them to collect a vast amount of knowledge and contacts throughout the digital media and communications industry.

TEAM Solutions provides actionable assessments and plans designed to leverage our clients’ existing resources with new ones to meet their goals.

The TEAM Solutions website at is a rich resource to gain insight on the group’s diverse experience. There are brief accounts of many projects for world-class companies and broadcast brands including CNN, Travel Channel, BBC America, The Boeing Company and BMW. The site also includes industry White Papers and illustrated work flow models depicting some of the groups’ forward-thinking solutions.

For more information, please contact:

Megan Lewis, General Manager