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Gepco on a fiber diet

Lori Hazen, Gepco marketing manager, gave me a brief run through of the company’s newest fiber-optic products. While fiber isn't new to Gepco, these new solutions greatly complement the company’s line of optical cable products.

New additions to Gepco's hybrid fiber distribution systems include HMD hybrid fiber modular distribution racks, HMS hybrid fiber fusion splice racks, HDR1 high-density distribution racks, HSB fusion splice boxes, HDB SMPTE field and studio boxes, HMP8-Bxx SMPTE 304M breakout racks, and HMP8 modular hybrid fiber and Triax panels. The focus of these introductions is to simplify and improve the cable installation process with a modular and expandable design configuration.

To round out the fiber platform, Gepco is also showing other fiber products including the Neutrik OpticalCon, the Amphenol TAC-4 and TAC-12, and the LEMO SMTPE 304M hybrid fiber camera cable assemblies. The company offers a full line of ST/SC/LC multimode and single-mode snakes as well as indoor permanent installation cables. You can view these and other Gepco products at C5643.