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3-D display without glasses now available

Following predictions at this year’s CES that it would take many years to create affordable 3-D video displays without glasses, Sunny Ocean Studios of Singapore has introduced a 27inch 3-D HDTV offering 64 viewing angles without glasses.

A serious upgrade from eight or nine viewing angles and lenticular displays shown at CES, Sunny Ocean Studios claims it can retrofit regular displays for 3-D and also assist in 2-D-to-3-D image conversion. Where most companies offer stereoscopic 3-D, which uses glasses, Sunny Ocean is pushing auto-stereoscopic, which is glasses-free 3-D.

“We are presenting a solution where the image appears to float spatially in front of the screen without the help of the usual aids like 3-D glasses,” said Armin Grasnick, founder and managing director of Sunny Ocean Studios. “By using 64 individual frames for the different perspectives in each 3-D image for the first time, we can achieve a significantly improved 3-D quality. We are even able to achieve this effect on standard monitors.”

Grasnick added that they have the experience and technology needed to quickly and inexpensively make larger displays (up to 100in) 3-D capable.

The technology was first demonstrated at the recent CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany.