CEntrance Celebrates 10th Anniversary

DACport Anniversary Special, Endorsers from Leno and Letterman

Chicago - February 18, 2010 - CEntrance, Inc., manufacturer of low-latency audio drivers and portable USB audio products MicPort Pro(tm), AxePort Pro(tm) and DACport(tm), is celebrating its 10th year in business. CEntrance started in 2000 offering design services to audio manufacturers. The Company has since developed an impressive client list, ranging from Alesis to Zoom. In 2006 CEntrance began selling Windows audio drivers and a year later became a hardware manufacturer. The company's free 'Latency Test Utility' software is used to evaluate audio equipment worldwide. "I've used the CEntrance Latency Test Utility in all my audio interface tests for years," says Martin Walker of UK's Sound on Sound magazine.

"To celebrate our 10th anniversary the company is planning a range of exciting announcements, which we will share throughout the year," says Michael Goodman, Managing Director of CEntrance. "We are offering a special anniversary sale on our newly introduced audiophile Headphone DAC, the DACport. The anniversary sale price of $399.95 USD will run through the Spring and will bring this unique, 24/96 driverless USB stereo DAC to a greater audience of mobile audiophiles." Consumers can purchase DACport directly from CEntrance here or also find participating authorized retailers at www.centrance.com

CEntrance is also very excited about new artist endorsements. MicPort Pro, which features a studio-quality mic-preamp became a must-have in the Voice-Over and Broadcast communities worldwide. Harry Shearer, a leading radio personality calls it "remarkable."

AxePort Pro, a portable USB instrument preamp, became a go-to piece with session guitar and bass players, including late night TV shows. Will Lee from the David Letterman Show and Derrick Murdock from the Jay Leno Show rely on their AxePort Pros. They join Eric Clapton's bass player Nathan East, Chic Corea's sax man Eric Marienthal, Richard Fortus from Guns 'N Roses, Trey Gunn from King Crimson and many others. For a complete list of CEntrance artists see: centrance.com/artists. For more information on what the AxePort Pro can do for you, visit centrance.com/products.

For a list of authorized retailers, or to purchase direct, visit www.centrance.com

About CEntrance, Inc.

Founded in 2000, CEntrance manufactures and licenses differentiated audio and entertainment products. CEntrance is known for its co-development work with industry leaders such as Alesis, Benchmark, Line 6, and Zoom. Our customer-focused approach blends product strategy, innovation, and operational efficiency. CEntrance is headquartered in Chicago and distributes its products worldwide. For more information, visit centrance.com or call +1 (847) 581-0500.

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