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February 10, 2009 - For Immediate Release

Vision QMD/X

SD & HD Production Switchers

The Ross Vision QMD/X line of Multi-Definition production switchers continues to advance with an expanded feature set and the launch of Version 9.0 software at NAB 2009. The numerous v9.0 enhancements include: up to 8 Channels of DVE in a Single MLE, WhiteFlash transition type, expanded Still-Store functionality with Thumbnails, Animation trimming, new warps, MLE Auto Follow, Memory Attributes for and many more user personality features to enable the specific user preferred operation.

Vision v9.0 also offers an expanded complement of device controls including newly supported devices in almost every category supported. These include serial or Ethernet control of VTRs, Video Servers, Audio Servers, Audio Mixers, Robotic Cameras, Character Generators, UMDs, Monitor Walls, and more!

Vision’s modularity will be highlighted with more configurations and panel options resulting in a tailored solution for almost any application. Stay tuned for further significant Vision enhancements to be announced at the show.


Digital Production Switchers

This will be the first NAB for Ross’s CrossOver series of compact production switchers. CrossOver is designed for small studios, small mobile trucks, flight packs and linear editing. The award winning EditSet.HD package provides a fully functional linear editing solution right out of the box. Other important applications for the CrossOver switchers include master control branding in television production and live mixing to on-set monitors and iMag screens such as those found in corporate, educational and worship settings. CrossOver is a superb solution when a backup to a larger production switcher is required.

CrossOver comes in both Multi- Definition (SD & HD) and Standard Definition versions and with either 6 or 12 inputs. The 4 configurations are: the CrossOver 6 which supports 6 Multi-Definition inputs, 2 keyers and has 6 source selection buttons; the CrossOver 12 supports 12 MD inputs, 3 keyers and has 10 source selection buttons as well as a rugged positioner. The CrossOver SD Series offers the unique advantage of a cost-effective field upgrade to full Multi-Definition support which can be added at any time in the future.

All models feature intuitive, easy to use next transition style interfaces with full preview; the superb patented UltraChrome chroma keyer; dual animation stores; 2 channels of 2D DVE; 4 up/down converters; a compact 2 RU chassis and 3 SDI, one down-converted analog and 3 AUX outputs. CrossOver comes with a separate control panel and rack mount video processing chassis designed to fit nicely into any typical professional installation.

OverDrive® Automated Production Control System

NAB 2009 will see the introduction of v9 software for OverDrive, the market leading Automated Production Control (APC) system. Version 9 offers customers a first look at GlobalViewTM, a newly designed GUI for OverDrive. GlobalViewTM exploits the additional screen real estate provided by widescreen displays. In addition to a refreshed look and feel, the new GUI offers more detailed device and system status information to the operator, enabling even more complex and faster paced productions to be automated. Other new features include a one-button switch to the fully mirrored redundant system with a typical change-over in less than 5 seconds as well as several new MOS enabled device interfaces.

SoftMetal Video Servers

Ross will be launching both the new SoftMetal 3000 and 4000 Series Hardware platforms as well as showing version 4.2 software at NAB 2009.

The 3000 Series is a Server Class Platform available in both Standard and Multi-Definition versions with 1x2, 0x4 and 2x4 configurations. The 3000 Series supports up to 6 simultaneous channels in SD and up to 4 simultaneous channels in HD. It uses SATA drives and offers up to 14 TB of Media Storage in a compact 3 RU.

The 4000 Series is a Premium Server Class Platform built with the highest internal bandwidths and processing power. It’s a Multi-Definition server and is available in 1x2, 0x4, 2x4 and 4x4 configurations. The 4000 Series supports up to 8 simultaneous HD channels and uses high performance SAS drives with a total capacity of up to 6.3 TB in 3 RU. The 4000 Series is designed to support 1080p50 and 1080p60 3Gb/s operation, shipping later in 2009 as a free software upgrade.

SoftMetal v4.2 Software brings many new features to the SoftMetal Server line up. Features include: improved MXF and QuickTime file format support, throttled FTP file transfers, slo-motion playback with field interpolation, VTR and Odetics protocols, GPI/O support and numerous other enhancements.

openGear HD/SD/3G Multi-Definition Terminal Equipment

openGear has expanded now with more than 20 partners, offering an impressive portfolio with over 200 solutions for audio, video, and data. Now with a large installed base, openGear has truly become the platform of choice.

New for 2009 is the addition of DataSafe to the openGear platform. DataSafe enables card configurations to be saved and recalled on the frame network controller enabling hot swapping of products without the need for re-configuration; both frame and card configurations can be uploaded and distributed through DashBoard.

Ross Video has expanded the openGear product offering, releasing over 20 products in the past year and continues to enhance the portfolio with many new solutions launching at NAB.

New for 2009 is the addition of the MDK-111A-M, an HD/SD mixer/keyer with 3 internal static/animation playout channels and 1 external key/alpha channel. The MDK-111A-K offers 4 SDI inputs/outputs with one independent static/animation keyer for each channel. The MDK series offers audio X fades and V fades on the BKGD inputs. Format conversion, using the UDC-8225A and UDC-8225A-W, is being extended to allow CC passthrough on any conversion. The DSS-8224, 4x2/dual 2x1 switch, will be offering DashBoard remote control and auto-changeover capability in 2X1 configurations while the ADC-8732B and ADC-8733A composite/component converter series offers four integrated channels of audio conversion plus analog video to SDI conversions with embedded audio. Our distribution solutions have been extended across the board with 3Gb/s distribution using the SRA-8601A, analog distribution with the UDA-8705A for analog video and ADA-8401-C for analog audio.

About Ross Video

Ross Video designs, manufactures and supports a wide range of innovative products for use in live production applications in over 100 countries. Over the past 15 years Ross has grown an average of 20% year over year and currently employs 300 incredibly talented people. Ross’ award winning product line includes Vision, CrossOver and Synergy Multi-Definition Video Production Switchers, openGear, RossGear and GearLite Terminal Equipment, SoftMetal Video Servers, and the OverDrive Production Control System. News and information are available at


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