Burbank, CA… Royer Labs, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of high quality ribbon microphones, is pleased to announce it has selected Audio Agent to represent the company’s sales efforts in key territories of the United States. Well known for its sales representation and strategic consulting capabilities within the professional audio and MI (musical instrument) communities, Audio Agent will be tasked with increasing Royer Labs’ presence in the critical territories of the metropolitan New York/Tri-State region and the entire Northeast.

With offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, and greater New York, Audio Agent is a new type of niche sales and marketing company, with a focus on audio and music products. The company offers product distribution management, sales management, brand management, direct sales to professional clients, plus a number of marketing services. With the greater New York metropolitan and New England territories being critical sales regions for the types of products it sells, Royer Labs is looking to Audio Agent for its expertise in these all-important sales territories.

Jeremy Stappard, Audio Agent’s VP of Sales, commented on his company’s new relationship with Royer Labs. “Royer Labs is, unquestionably, one of the most prestigious microphone brands in professional audio. With a rich, warm analog sound that beautifully compliments today’s digital recordings, their products are used regularly on leading music, TV, and film projects. Our company spent considerable time and effort landing this all-important account and all of us on the Audio Agent team are committed to taking Royer Labs to the next level. In the very capable hands of Blue Wilding, our regional account manager, we are delighted to be representing Royer throughout the metropolitan New York/Tri-State region and New England.”

“We’re very pleased to have the entire Audio Agent team joining our effort,” says John Jennings, Royer Labs’ VP of Sales and Marketing. “The greater New York/Tri-State and New England areas are vitally important regions that are home to a high percentage of major recording and sound for picture projects. Having a thorough understanding of these areas and the intricacies involved when conducting business there requires a unique perspective and a level of market sensitivity that can only be acquired through experience within these areas. I’m confident the Audio Agent team will produce the results we’re looking for and I look forward to working with them.”

Audio Agent commenced sales representation in the metropolitan New York/Tri-State region and New England for Royer Labs in May 2008. For additional information about the company, visit Audio Agent online at

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