Apantac Previews New 3G Multiviewers with Built-in Routers at IBC – 8.A98

Apantac LLC, a leading designer and developer of high quality, cost effective image and signal processing equipment today announced that they will preview a new series of 3G Multiviewers with built-in Routers at IBC 2009 – Booth No. 8.A98

All models have 16 auto-detect HD / SD SDI inputs. By utilizing the built-in router, each of the 16 inputs can be routed to display on any of the Multiviewer outputs.

• Tahoma-LX-4:

-Built-in 16x4 router

-Displays up to 4 images on one multiviewer output

• Tahoma-LX-8:

-Built-in 16x8 router

-Displays up to 8 images on one multiviewer output, or up to 4 images on each of two multiviewer outputs

• Tahoma-LX-12:

-Built-in 16x12 router

-Displays Up to 12 images on one multiviewer output, or Up to 8 images on one multiviewer output and up to 4 images on a second multiviewer outputs, or Up to 4 images on each of the three multiviewer outputs

• Tahoma-LX-16

-Built-in 16x16 router

-Displays Up to 16 images on one multiviewer output or 4 images on each of the four multiviewer outputs, or Any of the following combinations; 8+8 or 12+4 or 8+4+4

Plans for additional Tahoma-LX models including; LX-20, LX-24, LX-28, and LX-32 are already underway.

The Tahoma-LX Series of Multiviewers auto-detect HD / SD-SDI inputs and offers flexible outputs that are user selectable at resolutions up to 2048 x 1080, including 1080P. Each module supports up to 30 presets for straight forward display layout, which can be recalled via GPI, front panel buttons or ASCII protocol.

The built-in router provide enhanced access to HD / SD-SDI inputs for multi-image viewing on large displays, as well as re-routing sources to any of the Multiviewer outputs. By simply recalling presets, a user can quickly assign sources to different displays, or display sources than once. This integrated architecture provides advanced flexibility for visually monitoring signals, and simplifies installation, maintenance, and cabling.

Apantac’s skin technology lets users personalize their on-screen display with any graphics tool. Video windows on the display may include multiple labels, and support UMD, OMD, IMD and standalone labels. Tahoma-LX Multiviewers include 16 channels of embedded audio per input with 4 channels of discrete analog or digital audio as an option. Audio can be associated with the video windows or work as standalone audio meters. Analog or AES audio options can be added at any time during or after purchase.

Tahoma-LX Multiviewers are available in two different frame sizes and each frame has a unique IP address, which allows a PC/laptop to easily connect and configure display layouts.

Apantac’s products integrate seamlessly with other industry-standard components such as displays, a large variety of sources, networks, servers, and control systems. The complete Apantac product line is an ideal and affordable solution for visually monitoring a variety of video and audio inputs and extending HDMI, DVI, VGA and KVM signals in a virtually unlimited number of applications.

The Tahoma-LX Series of Multiviewers will be ready for delivery in Q4-2009.

For more information, visit Apantac at IBC 2009 Booth No. 8.A98.