Telecast Fiber Systems Announces SuperBooth Application Suite

Packaged Fiber Optic Systems Specifically Target Mobile Broadcasters

WORCESTER, Mass. -- April 14, 2008 -- Telecast Fiber Systems today announced the launch of SuperBooth, an exclusive suite of fiber optic systems packaged for demanding and specialized mobile applications, such as televised coverage of golf events. SuperBooth provides broadcasters with a plug-and-play solution for leveraging fiber optic networks to overcome the challenges of mobile coverage and deliver the highest-quality video to viewers.

The SuperBooth application suite includes Telecast Fiber Systems‘ Adder II audio, intercom, and data multiplexer; DiamondBack 4X4 audio and video multiplexer; Telethon HD/SDI CWDM multiplexer; and the company‘s new dual-redundant AC/DC RackBack™ power system. Telecast assembled this combination of products in order to provide a single, easy-to-install package for tapping into pre-existing fiber infrastructures at sports venues and quickly linking in all resources, including HD or SD cameras, monitors, intercom feeds, and all audio feeds.

“As HD has become more mainstream, broadcasters are relying much more heavily on fiber and demanding more application-specific solutions. SuperBooth is one more example of our commitment to making sure that our customers always ‘get the shot‘ with lightweight fiber cable that saves them time and money in the field,” said Richard Cerny, president, Telecast Fiber Systems. “SuperBooth is designed to accommodate mobile broadcasters‘ most varied and challenging situations, whether they need an HD fly-pack or a fully functioning announce booth thousands of feet away from the truck compound.”

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About Telecast Fiber Systems, Inc.

Telecast Fiber Systems, Inc. is a leader in portable and fixed fiber optic systems for television broadcast production. The company‘s video, audio, and communications systems are used worldwide by TV networks, teleproduction companies, sports venues, and various private, educational, and government and military organizations to extend range, simplify cabling, and reduce labor costs and set-up time. Telecast systems accommodate all television production signals, including NTSC/PAL video, SDI and HD/SDI video, analog and AES/EBU audio, HD and triax camera interfaces, and intercom and data signals. More information can be found at

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