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Fresno, CA, September 29, 2008 – Fresno State University’s Athletics kicks off its football season with RF transmitters and receivers provided by RF Central, a leading digital microwave technology provider. In capturing the entire action of the games taking place within the University’s stadium, Fresno State University’s Athletics is using two of RF Central’s NLL-II portable digital microwave links.

“We did some tests over the last two years with different systems and found various issues with each unit, some had programming problems while others involved complex set-up,” explains Todd Bowen, coordinator of video service for Fresno State University’s Athletics. “The NLL-II’s are the ideal choice for our needs. We receive complete reception throughout the whole stadium just by plugging them in and turning them on. They are really simple to use.”

The NLL-IIs are being used to capture video of the fans, many of whom are then broadcast on the scoreboard jumbotron, as well as the players and cheerleaders. In having a wireless design, Bowen says his video capabilities are limitless. “I can have my cameraman anywhere in the stadium without having to worry about running cable,” says Bowen. “This gives us the ability to get great shots no matter how close or far the action may be.”

In addition, Bowen says that the NLL-IIs offers great convenience, covering all of his production needs. “I really like how RF Central has packaged the NLL-IIs. They come with travel cases that feature the transmitter and the receiver, both of which are built into one compact design.

Fresno State University’s Athletics plans on using its NLL-IIs throughout the year for an array of sports coverage including basketball, softball and baseball, all which will be broadcast on the University’s television station, Bulldog Sports Network (BSN).

RF Central’s NLL-II is an updated model of its predecessor, the NLL. It offers both balanced microphone and line level inputs via switch selectable XLR connectors on both the transmitter and receiver. It is also equipped with an LCD video confidence monitor on the receiver unit and phantom power for microphones.

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