intoPIX enlarges its JPEG 2000 IP-core offering on Altera FPGA devices

IBC, Amsterdam – intoPIX, the leading provider of JPEG 2000 IP-core solutions, today announced the availability of its products on the Altera® FPGA device families.

“The growing adoption of JPEG 2000 in the audiovisual industry has pushed us to extend our IP core offering to Altera FPGA users”, says Jean-Francois Nivart, CSO of intoPIX. ”Our Altera IP-cores will address the increasing customer demand for our high performance JPEG 2000 real-time encoder and decoder cores and directly benefit from the access to the fast growing Altera market share.”

“We’re glad to be working with intoPIX, a leading provider of JPEG2000 tools for Digital Cinema and SMPTE 2022-based video transport applications, that’s now offering solutions optimized for Altera devices,” said Umar Mughal, senior manager of the broadcast business unit at Altera. “The widespread adoption of our Stratix® and Arria® family of devices in the broadcast market combined with intoPIX’s efficient JPEG2000 IP-cores benefit a broad range of customers by offering superior image quality with a more scalable platform for HD, 3D and 4K when compared to alternatives such as ASSPs.”

The new JPEG 2000 Altera IP-cores are now available. More information will be available at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.

About intoPIX

intoPIX is passionate about offering people a higher quality image experience. intoPIX offers leading-edge JPEG 2000 image compression, security and hardware enforcement IP-cores for audio-visual markets. Their implementation in the latest generation of FPGA chips provides today’s highest quality, most flexible and cost effective handling tools for high throughput data streams.

Located in Belgium, intoPIX is present at key locations around the world with subsidiaries in Japan and in North America. Thanks to its first-class and recognized expertise in image technology & micro-electronics, the intoPIX team can guarantee a top-notch quality of product and support to every customer. intoPIX knows how to provide IP-Cores that work.

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