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Crystal Vision is pleased to announce that it is developing a full range of 3G HD products that can be housed in the normal frames alongside any other board from the range. Crystal Vision has chosen distribution amplifiers for its very first 3GHz products, with the 3GDA105N and 3GDA111N available now and providing economical distribution of 3G HD, HD or SDI.

The 3GDA105N provides five non-reclocked outputs and uses the RM41 frame rear module which has been specially developed to get 3G HD signals in and out of the Crystal Vision frames. As a 100mm x 266mm module, the 3GDA105N incorporates Crystal Vision’s usual space-saving benefits, allowing 24 boards to be housed in 4U, 12 in 2U, six in 1U or two in desk top box – alongside any other SD, HD or 3G HD products from the Crystal Vision range.

For applications requiring more outputs, the ‘double decker’ 3GDA111N provides eleven non-reclocked outputs.

Explains Managing Director Philip Scofield: “I am excited to have the 3G DAs in stock ready to fit in our standard frames. They are simple boards that enable customers to see that the frames they buy will be able to house any board we make – whether it’s an audio DA, a High Definition keyer or the products we are developing for the new 1080p systems. Our recently expanded R&D department, with two new engineers joining us in the last couple of months, is now working hard to bring out an extensive range of 1080p compatible modules – which will include 3G versions of our popular embedding and synchronising products.”

With 3G HD cable equalisation of up to 80m using Belden 1694A, the 3GDA105N and 3GDA111N can handle all data rates up to 3GHz and easily meet the -10dB input return loss that must be achieved for 3GHz, along with the -15dB input return loss required for 1.5GHz. There is LED indication of input and power supplies present, while the board edge controls include a manual HD/SD switch to change the slew rate on the output.

The 3GDA105N and 3GDA111N join Crystal Vision’s existing eight HD distribution amplifiers and are ideal for multi-standard environments, for broadcasters who need to distribute 3G HD now or in the near future, and for engineers who want to 'future proof' their SD or HD installations.

Based at Whittlesford near Cambridge in the UK, Crystal Vision provides digital keyers, picture storage modules and a full range of digital and analogue interface equipment including converters, decoders, encoders, distribution amplifiers and audio embedders to the professional broadcasting industry worldwide.