Ross Ships Three New Switchers Prior to NAB 2008

Iroquois, ON, Canada - January 18, 2008-Ross Video today announced the introduction of 3 new production switcher control panels available before NAB 2008 - the Vision 1M, the Vision 2M, and the Vision 2X. The Vision 1M and 2M panels offer 24 crosspoint buttons and the Vision 2X offers 32 crosspoint buttons. This extends the award winning Ross Vision series to a total of 7 control panels including the V1, V1M, V2, V2M, V2X, V3, and V4. All of the control panels can control up to 4 MEs of video processing and connect to the Ross MD and MD-X Live Production Engine chassis.

The 3 RU MD chassis can have up to 2.5 MEs and 8 RU MD-X chassis can have up to 4 MEs. Both chassis are now available in SD-only and full Multi-Definition formats. Any configuration of either chassis can be connected to any of the Vision control panels.

“Since we already offer the broadest range of production switchers in the industry, we just made it even easier for our customers to get exactly what they need,” said David Ross, CEO, Ross Video. “The best part is that all seven control panels are shipping now and we have a trade-up program in place.”

The modular Vision control panels incorporate a large number of new concepts. The use of RGB buttons results in a stunning new look and allows personalization of the Vision control panel. Vision offers a new DualDisplay™ color touch screen allowing the operator to view and control two menus simultaneously. A long list of other enhancements including built-in manuals, Linux based OS, and integration with the OverDrive® control system makes the Vision control panel the most advanced on the market. Existing Synergy users will feel at ease using Vision while enjoying the supercharged new capabilities.

Vision Production Features

• AuxKeys mixing and keying on aux bus outputs

• Proc Amps & Color Correctors

• Squeeze & Tease MD Warp DVE

• Up to 19 internal Media Playout Engines

• UltraChrome High End Chroma Keyer

• Up to 96 Inputs

• Up to 48 Outputs

• SmartConversion SD/HD on the fly conversion system

• Built-in Hard Drive for storage of configuration

settings, memories, stills and animations

• Preview Overlay head's up display

• 19 Classes of External Device Control

• OverDrive™ compatible

About Ross Video

Ross Video designs, manufactures and supports a wide range of innovative products for use in live production applications in over 100 countries. Over the past 15 years Ross has grown an average of 20% year over year and currently employs 300 incredibly talented people. Ross‘ award winning product line includes the Vision, Synergy SD, and Synergy MD/X Video Production Switchers, openGear, RossGear and GearLite Terminal Equipment, SoftMetal Video Servers, and the OverDrive Production Control System. News and information are available at